I Would Love It If

My boyfriend would dominate me.  Our relatioship now is kind of balanced when it comes to domination; we both give and take.  I would LOVE it if he would come home and not say a word to me and rip my clothes off.  Then he would force me down on my knees and **** my face.  After he had cummed all over my face he would then throw me on the bed and force me on all fours and **** me and use me until he got what he wanted.  Oh, that would be incredibly hott.  I would love to be so submissive.

But that is just me, how about you tell me what you think about it.  I would love to know.


iheartrobray iheartrobray
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8 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Damn, what lucky guy.. Why cant there be more like you!

what a turn on . i think more women are really submissive than one would think and really need to "be taken" in order to heighten their sexual awareness.

uggghhhh >.< i agree MAJOR turn on but hes majorly submissive to though hes more domanate then i am still! id love fer him to cuff me to the bed nd just have his way with me nd so on

[sigh] You don't have a sister by any chance? No? Oh well.<br />
<br />
*sings off key* Oh where oh where have the good subbies gone...?

luvitruff73 - I am curious as to how you can keep your affair secret. Surely you must get a few bruises that demand explanation.

I know. My boyfriend, now fiance, tells me he is afraid to hurt me. Gosh... I agree with the *** on the face. It is such a major turn on for me.

wow....my girlfriend wouldn't let me do that if she was drunk. *sigh* i get so bored

I am in an affair for this very reason, I love to be submissive, I love to have my hair pulled and have him force his **** in my mouth. I love it when he orders me around and tells me what to do & if I don't accomodate fast enough he grabs me by my throat, slaps me and pins me down to **** me any way he pleases. I love it when he binds my hands and puts me on a leash.Drags me around by my throat & makes me collapse to the floor when he yanks my collar. I love being degraded and raped by him. I love when he ties me down & almost chokes me with one hand while he forces himself in my mouth grabbing me by the hair w/ the other hand. He makes me lick his ***-hole, and then he'll hold me down & **** me in my *** really hard telling me how filthy I am....crazy but I love every second of it!