Joy Compared To Happiness

I have been taught that Joy comes from within; the heart. I believe that as I had much Joy in a relationship and tried to end it. The Joy in my life was gone after being there for so long.
I think external things make us happy. They are normally short lived; such as a picture, or a song, even a movie.
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See how life is ever changing. One year ago my friend you wrote these words from your heart. Now... have your ever heard of a "Happy Heart" or a "Joyful Heart"... *smile* another one... a "Loving Heart" XO The Heart is within, don't ya know! Anything outside the Heart's realm doesn't have any value. ... but the Ego loves it.

Yes; you have certainly changed my thinking. I would remove it, but it might help someone else who feels that they might want to give up on love just as the love of their life is just a few weeks or months away.
What a fantastic time we have shared my love xoxo

The best is yet to come my dear! xoxo

a picture, a song, a movie. And now science is pointing to this world not being "real" -- being a picture, if you will; a song; a movie. Good post.

Thank You Nelladell! I think science is correct. If we do not believe it, we should try to hold on to any part of this world for any length of time.
Of course then we can try to understand time itself :)
Always appreciate your visits.

I love reading your posts also.

Meditation has taught me that time and space are the same.

I have not reached your level of understanding yet, but do not doubt your wisdom at all.
Thank you for sharing that.

NO -- my thanks to you for your unfailing kindness.

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