I Still Love You But.

This crap, where you won't commit to me because we live too far apart and you feel to blame for **** that was all of your loser ex's faults.

I don't see how it's it's fair that you can date other guys when you clearly love me and I can tell because of how you act but I can't seem to feel **** for anyone else beyond a tiny spark that never seems to progress.

I'm sorry to all of the women I've taken on sense then. You know why? It's been years now and I still think of you as just a crush... just a little crush...

If we aren't going to be together until I get thru college, until I Get a job near you... Then I'd like to at least be able to date in the meantime.  

11 years is a long time and the 8 it took you to tell me how you feel. I know how you feel. I should know better than to panic about it at every turn. I should know better than to be afraid when it takes you a month to write back-I should know you will.

I should know you love me by now. But you won't give me those three simple words that are so obvious.

Maybe not at first, but you remembered me for 8 ******* years enough to find me when I found your best friend.
You still wear the wolf necklace I got you around your neck and others tell me you never take it off, like it's your security blanket, that when you are stressed you play with it.

You really are the kind of girl that doesn't tell people how you feel aren't you? You show it.

Yeah well, if that's how it is then I'd like to not feel like the road in front of me is smaller than the road behind me. Because it's getting to be very frustrating to know  the old self would be interested in so many of them by now but I Haven't felt passion for anyone else in years. Any way you look at it for the next 4 ******* years we'll be in different places-You might see me, if we go on that cruise you suggested. I can afford it.

But for ***** sake, if that's how it is then I should at least be out there learning as much as I can about sex so I can make you scream when we do meet. And yet... it's hard. When you don't love someone..

I want freedom-You've got freedom. Why don't I?

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

I guess i'll learn to keep my lips sealed about you. Like every thing else. my love is a secret thing that takes place near the quiet things no one ever knows.