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Married 21 Years....left

After our twins graduated from HS..thought he was at work...moved out to mother's property...would not take my calls or txt..says last 21 years have been a lie.....was in treatment for sexual addiction...had affair with craiglsist person...came clean...his father diagnosed with cancer one day after  he told me of affair...12 months good marriage... his father died...he threw himself into projects...then left...we had plans for 18yr old son home...i am sick...we had planned for me to take the year off from teaching to regroup and downsize...i cannot contractually work this year a teacher...he is filled with rage...his mother molested him for 18 years now he is back living on her property...i am just sick.... i thought he was   christian..... but now he has renounced.....he has been gone since july 1st 2010...
and i have healed a lot since i wrote that post. still very lonely... still have feelings for him...still confused...he is seeing someone ...he did not see kids for over a year and has seen them a few times...i get support through prayer, bible study, fellowship

26edgewood 26edgewood 51-55, F 2 Responses Oct 7, 2010

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I think you should try to stop obsessing about a guy who already has harmed you and get
on with building your bright future. There are plenty of nice guys out there waiting.

I have actually been undergoing a great deal of psychological tension and depression after I broke up with my husband then I complied with the handbook at as well as I am currently back together with my husband and I am really happy, I strongly advise this.