I Want Him To Talk To Me

I want so badly for him to talk to me about his inner feelings. The inner him, what makes him tick, how he feels, what he feels. I want him to express his emotions more openly. He's always been the strong silent type but I need more after the fact that he could share his emotions with total stranger women but not his wife of 13 years and counting.

The mother of his children doesn't even know what his sexual preferences are straight from his mouth (well I know what they are because I have figured that part out in 13 yrs being together but he's never told me himself like I have mine). I want to share everything but I feel like he doesn't think I'm safe to share his inner self with. He never has shared his inner self with me like that.

Yet, he can do that with women online while having flings with them and emotional affairs.

I want more romanticism too, I've out right asked him to be more romantic. I was met with silence. Have you ever heard the deafening sound of total silence from the one you love so much it physically hurts? I have and still do. No romantic gestures...none. I need more than what was, I need reassurances that he still loves me after his infidelities. I've told him that outright and still his silence (even if he doesn't mean it to come across this way) seems to feel like he doesn't give a damn for what I've told him is my needs ..not desires but needs, what I require so that I can stay here in this marriage with him.

It feels like he doesn't care with his silence. I need more, NEED more and he gave it away to total stranger women but seems to ignore or refuse to give it to me. He gave away what was mine and now I want it back and told him to give it back to me and he continues to ignore my pleas, my begging. I feel alone, unsatisfied, ignored for my emotional needs, unappreciated, taken for granted (still) and worthless to him. I feel like a piece of refuse tossed to the wayside and then kicked and run over after the fact for good measure.
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I totally get this! My story too!

Well, the way i see it you aren't meeting his needs either. Yes we men don't like to talk about inner feelings, we are different (not wrong,no right, just different). <br />
<br />
You seem to have made it clear what you want and need. I suspect he would see that as nagging or some other word. Men get tired of that he is searching for something else, better figure it out he will find it sooner than later.