My Husband Is Addicted to the Tv & Internet. It's As If They Are the Other Women, An Affair With Digital Friends.


“Good Night” I say to my husband as I seductively stroll past him wearing a black lace corset, lace top stocking held up by garters, a matching G-String and my favorite spike heels. He looks up from the computer and says: “Wait for me, I’ll join you in a minute.”

I continue on to our bedroom, wash up, spend a good 30 minutes reading till my eyelids are so heavy I can’t wait any longer. I lean over, switch off my bedside light and drift off to sleep.

Buzz! It’s our alarm clock. It’s 5am and time for the gym. I reach over my husband turning off the alarm. He finally did join me. I really thought my wearing this new seductive outfit would get his

Attention and he really would “join me in a minute.” Unfortunately our nightly routine is unrelenting.

Before getting married I thought it was just an old wise tale that sex ended when you tied the knot.

This was NOT going to be me! I do NOT believe in predestination. I believe we reap what we sow. So I sowed the seeds I wanted to reap. I vowed NOT to be a statistical “Married” person. I put in 110% while we dated, and since we got hitched, I upped my efforts to 310%. I worked hard to be the perfect wife, the one his friends envied. I succeeded. His cousin is on a quest to find my twin and his friends envy him. Here is just a brief example of some of the things I have done: I clean, cook, do all the house & yard work, wear lingerie, I have brought home sex games, toys, books, took him to a nudist resort, took exotic dance lessons and pole dancing classes, I keep my looks up, I haven’t gained an ounce since the day we got married.

With all the efforts I am putting towards our marriage. I can’t get his attention. I can’t draw him away from his digital companions: the TV and Internet. It’s as if he’s having an affair with inanimate objects. Don’t get the wrong idea he’s not addicted to ****, he addicted to his digital friends. He spends his time: channel surfing, checking on-line reviews of his dream TV, on message boards talking about what new channels are available through Comcast HD, looking at upcoming concerts.

I’ve asked him if he’s getting enough sex and he said he’s satisfied. Him being male I would think he’d want to do it more often then once ever few months and I thought he’d be interested in playing the sex games with me. For me I’m not getting enough sex or attention. I guess everyone has different sex drives and mine just happens to have always been higher then his even before we were married.


We have a great platonic friendship. With money issues being the #1 killer of marriages we lucked out with that one. We have very similar views and are finances are in order. We enjoy spending time with each other’s families and take interests in each other’s hobbies.


Recently we talked and I come to find out he really wanted to play those games, but just didn’t make the efforts to let me know. I had no idea. I guess we’re just really different in that way. If I’m really interested in something and love doing something I tend to do it a lot and spend time engaging in those activities I love. Him on the other hand has a hard time getting going even if it’s to do something he loves. For me I just procrastinate and put off things I find less enjoyable such as dusting and cleaning. If there’s a reason to put it off for just one more day I will, if not I’ll find an excuse.

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Sounds like my husband. He doesn't seem as interested in me as much as the computer. Its not P#rn, just youtube, forums, FB, whatever else. I can't compete with that I guess. I cry a lot, I write about it. He doesn't get that anything is wrong either.

I just read my life story :( <br />
I'm at a loss. I get emotional over it sometimes, cry in the bedroom for an hour, and he still won't take his hand off the keyboard.

So it looks like he may have ADD and that may be some of the reason he is the way he is. He talked to his dr yesterday and according to the test he took and the answers he gave there is a high change he has ADD. The dr must of suspected he had ADD or he wouldn't of given an ADD specific test, but I resisted from pointing out the obvious to him. Before we got married I suspected he had add, due to his bad behaviors then, all those red flags and I still married him, not too smart on my part, not that ADD is an horrible disease or anything it's just that I say his problems and I ignored them and they haven't gone away, just escalated. And here we are today. <br />
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how can i follow your blog? I can't see the blog =(

My husband is the same way with the internet also. I can leave him to go shopping or something and instead of doing anything remotely productive, he will spend 3-4 hours plus online. When we are all home together, he's either sleeping, online in another room, or he will hang out, but then have to step away every 15 minutes to use the computer. It's very frustrating and I wish he would care how I felt about it. It's turning into a resentment.

My situation is very similar. H gives priority to his computer, his video games, and his shows over me. I've told my H that I feel jealous of his laptop, as he spends all his time chatting with friends from home (outside the US) and playing video games. He even sulked on out honeymoon b/c I told him he couldn't bring along the laptop. <br />
<br />
He doesn't seem to be getting it even though I'm not just beating around the bush. Not sure what else to do...

Pigpo1: thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. <br />
<br />
<br />
Newlymomma: Well, it's sad to say, and I promised my self I would never threathen to leave my husband if he doesn't change, but that's what he needed to hear. The problem for me is it was past threat time and I'm ready to leave, maybe it's not too late for you and maybe hearing it from you, that if he doesn't invest a little bit more time in you and the relationship you're going to seek someone out who has more time? I have not idea if that would work in the long run and that is why I vowed to never do it. I didn't want him to live in continued fear of I might leave if he doesn't do this or that right.<br />
Good luck.

my boyfriend is so addicted to computer...i couldn't stand it. but when we lost internet for a few months he started wanting to go out long boarding and hanging out with people. i thought that's what i wanted, but then i started missing him being home and being addicted to computer, there's like no win win situation. i need to figure out a way to tell him that our relationship is going to be over if we can't figure out a way to work through this.