A Wife Who Wants To Be Shared By Her Husband With His Friends

I'm a wife who loves her husband, but who also is turned on by his friends, and has entertained a fantasy of being shared. Now where to start? Well, a long time ago, my husband had a friend over who I kind of liked, so one night after they'd been drinking, I came out wearing lingerie and heels under an overcoat and flashed in front of my husband while his friend was watching from behind, but we shortly ended up back in the bedroom, with his friend left bewildered in the living room, and that was that...sigh. So I was left wondering about our "play" ...okay, I guess that in order to further explain my plight I'll have to go into some rather intimate details... So when we "play", he introduced me to using not one, but two ******! Okay, need I say more? Oh, I suppose I should add that "all" options are open (I hope you can figure it out from there) and that he really gets turned on by it! So by natural course, I figured that he'd also like this with more than just the surrogates, which is where my desire leads, and now I've reached the point in my fantasizing that I'd not only be happy to be shared by just one of his friends, but by all of them simultaneously. So, to coarsely put it, I want my husband and his friends to "gang-bang" me. To further illuminate on this, I should add that part of this desire is in being the center of attention of a group of friends, which is why I could not do this with strangers or "hookups" on the internet (or what have you) as my fantasy solely revolves around people whom I've known for a couple of years (or more) and who are (mostly) married. I guess I just feel turned on by the occasional flirtation I recieve in their company and would enjoy them to actually act upon it, with my husband paving the way, so to speak. A generic fantasy would be; [hubby] "Here's my hot wife, let's all "F" her together! Or another one I've dreamed up is the "Poker Game" scenario, but none of them play poker...sigh. I'm also a little 'bi-curious', so I wouldn't even mind another wife or girlfriend involved, but I'd still prefer it be just me the first time, as I suppose it's about being the center of attention that really turns me on. I guess that in my idealistic fantasy, I'd play the part of the innocent and niaeve wife who is cojoled into such sordid acts, and then innocently enjoys them, which wouldn't be far from the truth, all while her husband approvingly smiles on...
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time and the tides wait for no one

Would adore you were my beloved precious wife!

Would adore you were

I would love to have my wife confess this kind of fantasy to me!

I understand why U want to be with his friends - I feel the same way about wanting to be with my wife's friends. But starting with strangers FIRST helps u both get used to it and figure out the kinks. U will make emotional mistakes in the beginning, and U want to be able to do that with people who U can easily cut off. Friends are for later, when ur pros. If u really want to make any dream come true U have to be willing to "sacrifice " (if getting ****** by many strangers is a Sacrifice lol)

You posted this quite awhile ago. We'd love to hear an update. Any progress, or still just a fantasy?

As My Wife Make Clear To Me On Our Wedding Day That As A Married Woman She
Is Entitled To Have As Many Lovers As She Wanted. Being In Love I Said Ok. The

I on the other had told my wife about my fantasy to share her with guys and even offered to setup something. She didn't say yes but she didn't say no either. Just shared her concerns about STDs and how this might affect our marriage. I wonder if I should keep pursuing the idea with her...

My dear, you need to get yourself out to Freedom Acres posthaste. Playing with vanilla friends is usually not a good idea, but if you're looking for a nice g*angb*ang, the FA sunday party is you spot!

how about wearing the rain coat again when his/your friends are over. maybe hubby will take the hint.

Good luck in attaing your fantasy. I really hope it works out for you.