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I have done this and it is quite the experience. My wife loved having two guys and I didnt mind sharing. We have done this maybe 15 times ( with the same person) and every time gets better. We are currently looking to hook up with a new and different male but it is very hard to find someone you can like and trust, thats into it. I dont know how much to tell here, but if you want details let me know.
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I hope you got a chance to see our stories. And if so saw something that might turn you on enough for us to chat :)

Great accounting of your ********** in the comments. It seems that you have found a wonderful arrangement.<br />
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I've shared my with two other guys during the past 5 years. My wife has had a fantasy of a ********* even longer than our 20+ year marriage. So far neither of those two guys has resulted in fulfilling her fantasy. We have a new guy who is willing and so I look forward to that occasion. In the meantime he and my wife will have their first union in a couple weeks - the date is already set.<br />
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I love the lifestyle - just takes effort to find the right guy.

Dear russcmitch6900,<br />
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I enjoyed the recount of how you guys got into the lifestyle.... I dont care how anymore, just that we enjoy it immensley. This site is good for recounting your experiences and getting more turned on by sharing them with others. We have been recounting our fun here now for about 10 months. If howevever you would like to chat about it (Which is also a great thrill) check out my stories (allTrue) and see if you think we may be able to find some interesting topic :-) to discuss.. If so you can find me on yahoo messenger (

If your still looking for another guy please post your location! Bill in Va.

Before me and my wife got together we were friends and use to share sex stories, me with other women and her with other men. When I heard her tell me these stories it got me so hot and I didnt know why ( still dont and sometimes think there is something wrong with me, lol)<br />
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When we became a couple, the sex was unbelievable, we would talk about her being with other guys when we were having sex and I would say would you ever do that for real and she would say with who, I would say who do you want to **** and she eventually said the persons name and it just turned me on like nothing else.<br />
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One night we were all drinking and she was being fresh and started flashing us ( btw, she is usually a very shy girl, but alcohol helps,lol). That alone turned me on. She flashed maybe 5 or 6 times through the night. By the end of the night ( we were completely blitzed) she took both of us by the hand and walked us to the bedroom. When i walked into the bedroom she went right for his ****, started s*cking him off and said " is this what you want" and I of course said "yes". Then she laid him down took off her clothes and started riding him right in front of me. I could not believe what I was seeing. That night she s*cked and f*cked both of us for hours. In the morning I had asked her how she liked it and she had the biggest smile on her face and I said " would you do it again" and she shyly said 'Yes", that answer turned me on so much we had sex right there.<br />
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After that night, we didnt do it again for a couple of months ( same guy), but when we did, it was just as intense. And like I said before, weve done it about 15 times give or take. <br />
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I think most women would like to do it, but are held back because of society. If you are thinking of asking your woman you might want to feel her out first. Some girls get offended just by the mere suggestion.Also be sure that you are totally comfortable with another man f*cking and licking your woman. There has to be zero jealousy on everyones part or there could be trouble.<br />
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If you have any more questions I would be glad to answer them. Just writing about his turns me on ( its been 5 months since the last encounter) and I am ready to do it again

am interested in how it all came about? How did you manage this? Thx