First Time

Posted August 28th, 2010 at 6:35PM
I have written a few other stories, now I would like to share the very first time.
I have known Ken for over 14 yrs. I met him online in a chat room. We met one time in a parking lot. It was instant attraction. As Ken pulls me into his arms, he kisses me deeply. We move to his car.He continues to kiss me, my juices are flowing. He moves his hand to my breast. I moan and he moves to my pants and slowly slides his hand inside. His fingers brush my swollen labia, I moan and he plunges his fingers inside me. I start ******* instantly.  . It was great. But that was the extent of it.
I met my husband not long after that and we were married 2 yrs later. I lost contact with Ken during that time, but even though I was married I still would fantasize about him.
One day I recieved a IM from Ken and my husband was there. I don't hide things from him so I told him about Ken and the only time I had seen him. My husband told me to go ahead and talk to him he did not mind. Well Ken and I kept in touch. One day my husband asked if I still thought about Ken sexually. I said I always wonder what it would have been like to make love to Ken. My husband then floord me. Said he would not mind me seeing Ken, and that it would turn him on. I said no way. But I got wet instantly thinking about it.
I told Ken about it. He was more then willing. Well after about 6 months of Ken asking me, I allow him to call. We have talked online over the years. As I was talking to him, I became very aroused. We ended up having phone sex.
Another year goes by and my husband kept on trying to get me to see Ken. Ken kept on calling and we would had phone sex. My husband travels alot for work. So I would masturabate thinking of Ken alot. On a rainy day while my husband was away, Ken called. As we were talking he suggested we meet. I agreed. We would meet in a parking lot at a theater. I called my husband and he was all for it.
Well we met, and as before he and I ended up in his car. He is the most passionate man I have ever been with. Definately the best kisser.
He again had his fingers deep inside me. I came twice. My panties were soaked with my juices. This time I did rub his penis through his pants. It felt larger then my husbands. I wanted it but was not willing to go that far.
Another year passes and Ken and I talk only on the phone. He has been trying to see me again. I am a little nervous about where this is going. Finally one Friday I agree.
My husband is away on business and Ken ask to come to my house. I said I would think about it and let him know in a few minutes. I called my husband and he was breathless. Do it. I told him I would not have intercourse with Ken. My husband says to have sex in our bed, that is his wish.
I call and he was at my house in about a hour.
He knocks on the door and as I open it, he pulls me into his arms. His toungue slideing into my mouth. My labia is intantly wet. We move to the sofa, never breaking our embrace.  I slide my tongue into his mouth. He unbuttons my blouse, and moans how much he has needed me. His hands caress  my breast.  The wetness between my legs is growing. Ken moves and slides his hand down my stomach, reaching my swollen mounds.I spread my legs wide. His hand slides beneath my panties. He litely rubbs my clitoris. I want him in me. He kisses me deeply and moves his crotch into my leg. I can feel his swollen penis. Ken slowly inserts his fingers into me.  Moaning deeply my tongue explores his mouth. I need more. I pull away from him and lead him to my bedroom. As we lie down, he unbuttons my jeans. He slides his hands back into my panties.  He moves his mouth to my breasts. Flicking my nipples. He then moves down and pulls my jeans and panties off. I need him. I am going to make love to him finally. He moves down and he tastes my juices with his tongue. He slides it into me. I moan and start ******* on his face. I move and roll him over. I unbutton his pants and pull his penis out. It simply takes my breath away. I have only rubbed it thru his jeans and now I see just how big it was. His penis was a little longer than my husbands. But it was huge in girth. As I grab it, I can not get my hand around it. I want it in me. I start kissing passionately, thinking of it inside me. As I stroke his penis I am going crazy with anticipation. Ken rolls me over,and I spread my legs wide. I was getting ready to let another man inside me. I grab his penis and guide it to my wetness. I catch my breath when the head of his penis touchs me. I thought he would slowly enter me. Instead he teases me. Rubbing it up and down between my lips. I move my hips trying to pull him into me.I wrap my legs around him, trying to get him to enter me. I beg him to go in. Slowly his penis spreadsme open. The walls of my vagina are slowly being stretched. I want to feel him deep inside. Ever so slowly he starts making love to me. I start ******* when he starts plunging deep into me. As he let out a deep moan I could feel the warmth of his *** filling me. Jim continues to plunge in deeply. I can feel his *** and mine running down my cheeks. Ken rolls off and we both just lie there. Not a word is said. But I am thinking about what I have just done. What am I going to tell my husband and how he will he react.
I feel Ken move and that brings me back. I look at his limp penis. I reach over and slowly start playing with it. I know I need to feel him inside me again. It is growing as I kiss him. I work my way down and start licking the massive head. I tried to swallow him but can't. I can taste me on him. I am wet again. I get on my knees and him into my wetness.I want it all. I can feel him deep inside. I flex my vagina muscles trying to grab his penis tighter. He starts slowly and with in a minute I could feel his balls slamming against my ****. I moan and start ******* again. He starts to moan and I can feel his warm *** filling me again. It is dripping onto the sheets. He rolls off and we talk. I tell him I am going to tell my husband. He is a little nervous. We said our goodbys with a passionate kiss.
I called my husband and tell him all the details. He had went back to the motel so he could masturabate when I called.
I found out several things about myself. One is I am multi orgasmic. Two is that it really is ok with my husband.
I have never felt passion like this before. Maybe it was because of all the years I have known Ken. I know I will make love to him again.

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4 Responses Sep 15, 2011

Well told. Great story. I'd like to share my wife with another couple.

Great story. I just recently told my husband I wanted another man. It surprised me that it really turned him on. I wish couples would be more honest with each other.


Anticipation (especially years of it) must have made you both go crazy. Great story, hope you see him again and I bet your husband won't mind at all.