My Wife And Friend And I

we in our 50s and our sex live was getting a bit dull. my wife knew i am friendly with a neighbour a nice man in his 50s and single. one day i ask him for a drink in our house and after a few glasses the subject was sex with the question if he was intrested in ********** he said he loved it with us was even better because he knew us a long time. now i know he,s bi like me becouse sometimes we have a little play together, soon the three of us where naked and we started fondling and kissing my wife(donna) all over.keith (our friend)got a nice hard penis iknow so well, my wife noticed that keith was rubbing my hard penis up and down and ask me u like it? i said fantastic im so horny i wish he could suck me. keith promptly did it turned my wife on and she ask me to penetrate keith nothing could stop me doing that the way i felt,while my wife was suckinf keiths penis i mounted him from behind and slowly but firmly i enjoyed him than my wife got in to the act have me any of you so keith his rampend penis hard in my wife her screams of joy where loud and a pleasure to losten to my penis was getting hard again and i ask keith to lay on his back with my wife on top so i could enter her in her behind we got sex the whole neight once or twice a week we got our little sessions for seven or eight years now keith is in eireland and we miss him only when he is over for holiday we have our fun sadly not often i must say
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Nice story, I'm sure, but trying to read it with little punctuation and no capitalization is a chore!

Guide me in.

What a nice lady.