I would like to move to Newcastle, Aust., find a nice job working for a tv station...hope my boyfriend moves his part of the business to Newie as well, help him set-up, have him move in with me.
Live together for a few years than maybe have a kid. Than hopefully a few more years go by, both our jobs are going great! then maybe we decide to get married or maybe I just propose, surprising him. Have a wonderful wedding.... o back to life as normal....few more years go by, there's another child.
Eventually both kids are grown up and me and my love spend the rest of our lives together, grey hairs are showing up everywhere....oh no! time to dye my hair blond.... We decide to travel the world because we have good money from our wonderful jobs.
And the main thing I want is unconditional love.

Me and my love have spoken about this many times and want the same things in life, and yes life may not happen as easy as this, but it can't hurt to dream.
Dreamprojector Dreamprojector
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014