..who Knows...

..Dont get me wrong.  I love life.  Its good.  Im in school, well off financially (as good as a student could be lol).  And girls are always wanting me to spend time with them, take them out and you know..lol...But at the same time.  I wonder, what am i doing?  Will i ever make any good contirbutions to society, am i supposed to?  I feel like im some one, who was meant to do something.  Lol i guess that applies to every one.  I keep telling my self.  That im 21 and i should just keep pressing forward, finish my Bachelors, go get my masters and then there will be something great for me to do.  I guess i dont want to end up with a mediocre life.  I wanna influence others in a positive way.  Make some kind of contribution that will help others.  I feel confident that if i work hard ill get something done.  But other times (i daresay) i do doubt myself...some times this doubt comes after i dont do so well on a test or when i just think too much.  I dont know lol.  I guess time will tell.  And untill then i should keep going.

brian07891 brian07891
22-25, M
May 17, 2010