I Don't Preach... Much

Someone posted a story or a question recently about how annoying it is for non-smokers to pester their friends who are smokers.

To all my friends who smoke a lot, I say this:

Tough ****. I plan to nag you... because I love you.

Yes, I'm a pain in the ***.... but... I have lost loved ones to the after-affects of smoking and it sucks.

I have no issues with a few cigarettes on the weekend. Hell, a butt or two after dinner is fine. I will even go so far as to say, if you smoke less than a pack a week... I'll shut up.

But... more than a pack a week? It's not good.

Truth is, I really don't nag all that often. I only know one person, who *cough... ediez* indicated that when she turned 30 that she'd *cough... ediez* cut down, that gets any regular nagging from me. However, I reserve the right to pester my loved ones.

If you don't like it... deal with it. I love you.

So there.
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You don't nag much??????


Depends on the context.

I know... & I'm all sunshine & rainbows today. ;)

*rawr* <<< the savage (hunting) horn blower... Lol!

You aren't convincing as Sheena of the Jungle.

Tell that to bandie. ;)

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I need to begin nagging again. Ediez birthday is in 2 months and she was supposed to quit 2 years ago.

Oh my God! Leave her alone!!!

I'm this close >>> <<< to starting again just to be annoying.

^^^ though I can do that without smoking. ;D

*tries to look all tough and stuff*
Yeah, leave her alone...be nice :)

Rawr... et cetera.

I've earned the right to nag her.

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I smoked thirty a day for years, & smoked for nineteen years altogether.<br />
Do I get a prize for not smoking anymore Pen?<br />
<br />
Yay, prezzies! :D

Does my smile count?

Maybe if you do a little dance. I have a few £5 notes here. ;)

Thank you sweetie. &lt;3

Wow, that story was hot. *lights a ciggie*

I don't care if you're gay, I'm comin over there to rub yer ***.

I prefer spankings

....* sneaks through with cig behind my back* <br />
<br />
Hi!!...nothing to say here :)

I get where you're coming from, I watched my mum die slowly painfully and horribly due to her smoking. But I'm also a smoker, your attitude doesn't help us to give up! I wish it did! I have a couple of times managed to stop, the only way for me was with copious quantity's of NRT, one of which was an E-ciggy! The grief I got from friends was unbelievable, I got constant hassle, particularly from those who'd kicked smoking themselves, if it wasn't for there hassling of me using my E-ciggy I'd still be on it today and not smoking, I firmly believe that, trying to explain to others why you can't manage it but that they have is impossible! You just end up feeling like shite, which as anyone who has a bad addiction knows isn't helpful! If everyone around me just shut the feck up about how I choose to stop regardless of what helped them, I'd have a much better chance! When your friends start giving you more grief over the method you use to stop rather than the smoking itself this is useless, but there again so is trying to persuade an addict to stop, we all have to come to it in our own way and time, others hassling us has the opposite effect in my experience.

Ugh... :-(

Sorry, but it's just the way it is, both my grandfathers died of lung cancer too, as I was adopted and they died before I was an adult I didn't get to know them or see that as a result. I know full well what smoking can do me, however right now smoking is the very least of my problems.

hmm u gonna nag me for diping chewing tobaco? cause i go through two cans a week somtimes more it averages a can every two days with 3 to 4 chews a day

Dude... chew? I'd kick your ***. that's worse than smoking. One of my high schoolmates developed throat cancer about a year after we graduated. You really need to find a way to quit.

hey i didnt start it till i was 21

then, it should be easier to quit. I'm serious man. Only badness comes from chew.

ur right i know i need to quit and i wont make excuse for why i cant quit

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i dont believe i said "promise". you know how i feel about that word

fine. fixed. So... did you quit yet?

im smoking a cig as i type. lmao