Are You Looking?

Do you need a man to help you with your feelings for getting a spanking?

I am a Disciplinarian who has a lot of experience in giving women good sound spankings but I go beyond that. I like to hug and cuddle after the spankings. I like to be involved in correcting the things which need to be corrected while spanking in love. I love it when the spankings help correct things.

I understand special feelings which some women have on needingĀ  spankings.I also understand, like and want as well........all are different.

I am in Columbus Ohio if I may help you.
If your man doesn't want to spank, I am here.

aspanker43232 aspanker43232
61-65, M
4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

yes I do I've been a very bad girl and I need to be spanked

Wish you were closer to where I am.

Wish u were in uk

You sound delicious. Msg me if you are serious... I meant it when I said I need spanks

I have sent you a message. I am always serious when it comes to spanking just like I am always very much focused when I give a spanking.

I never got your message =( could you resend it please sir?

Resent message for you
Hopefully you got it.