Me And My Mom

I don't know how soon it was after she divorced Dad But by the end of the first month that she'd been sleeping alone she had become so obvious about it that I couldn't help but know what she wanted me to do. I'm not criticizing her for having notions like that, not when I'd had the same kind of ideas about her. I'd often thought about how nice it would be to get into bed with her and do whatever I wanted to. I'd had fantasies like that since way back when I first started getting hard-ons.

Unfortunately, about the same time I was finding out about sex, I also heard a lot about ******. That's something that freaks society out. If people find out you're screwing your sister or your mother, you might as well dig yourself a hole, jump into it and pull the dirt in over you.

But ****** didn't seem to bother Mom a bit. She hinted that I could make it with her if I wanted to. Then there were other hints about how nice it would be if we were sleeping together, instead of across the hall from each other. I pretended not to know what she was getting at. This only resulted in her expressing her wishes more clearly.

Since she no longer had to worry about Dad coming into the house, she would go around in front of me half-naked. Dressed in just her bra and panties, she was always hugging. She did some pretty lewd things, like rubbing herself up against the bulge I had in the front of my pants. Once, in a weak moment, I gave in a little and started feeling her **** and her *** while she is sleeping and I usually play with my **** and *** over her *** while she is sleeping
Jomarooo Jomarooo
26-30, M
Oct 11, 2012