I Want My Mother In Law To Move Out!

My husband wasn't raised by his mother. He was raised by her parents & her resentment towards her mother is obvious. MIL gave birth to my husband in her late teens, was impregnated by a married man, to spite her parents. She moved back to this city in January after living in Minnesota for about 14 yrs. When she came back, her plan was to stay with a friend for a few months & then move to Atlanta. How you can do this with no job or money, IDK.

My husband left the decision of her moving in with us to me. Apparently, she left her friends house as abruptly as she left Minnesota; and I now know why. I could've said no but, how could I without putting strain on our relationship? He's her mother for goodness sake! We moved into our new home in May & MIL took the 3rd floor. She has a suite up there with her own bathroom.

SHE'S HOARDING! The entire floor is covered with clothes, books, trash etc! She refuses to clean it up! She's a career student & doesn't work. She was supposed to get a job & contribute towards the rent but that was 4 mos ago & she hasn't bought a thing for this house. No toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent or anything! She's been babysitting a 10 month old baby for the past 3 wks & still hasn't offered to buy anything for this house. And when I say babySITTING, I mean it. All I see her doing is SITTING on the couch ALL DAY. When I leave & return from work, she's sitting on one couch or the other. She doesn't cook or clean up anymore. I want her out!!!
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

You now know that your first mistake was letting her in. Now, it's 3 times harder to get her out. Perhaps moving into a place that just doesn't have the room for mommy would work...