Well.... Im prepared to give it a go.... *shakes tresses*..... anyone offering to restrain and blindfold me then?
CharlieUniform CharlieUniform
31-35, F
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My clippers are still waiting to meet you.

Im ready if you dare...


Always an open chair for the females

Im all female sweetie x

Looking at the open chair, thinking you will be all talk :)

Once imobilised, the choice of cut would be mine?

i wouldn't have much choice would I?


somehow Im figuring you'd go for something on the shorter side.....

Potentially, but not necessarily...

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if you're ever on this side of the atlantic...

where and when CU?

Well you are royally f#cked if you are American lol! Im in the U.K.

UK here too. Ready to oblige any time.....

more ways than you know

What? You have actually been fcked by a Royal? Wow!!! My money is on Harry....That ginger monkey has a naughty glint in his eyes x

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You are a brave woman! I wouldn't mind the blindfold and restraints, but no cutting my hair.

Anytime Charlie :)


i am ready to do you pls add me

ready to 'do' me huh?

Awesome an open chair to keep you helpless in

Should I be nervous??????

Oh no, you will be very excited


All that leave the chair are very excited and well taken care of

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Let's do it to it

let's sit you down forcefully in a chair, tie you up, put a blind fold on you, and then start working on those locks of yours

oooooohhhh..... !

Would you trust me enough to let me shave your... while blindfolded and restrained?

baaaad copper!

Wow Copper. Umm, you are a naughty one.

it's not my fault my heart is like a voodoo doll in charlies hands.. i have no control. she has some strange otherworldly gift to move me. she caresses me i speak, and then in goes the pins and i shrink.

Oh to have such power, this Charlie must be special ;-)

i think you would like her.. i haven't met any who hasn't. she used to be on all the time, but i guess got busy or something. people coming and going from this place is the one thing that i never get used to.. well the going part anyway. i have even left myself for a time or two, lost my mind i did. but thankfully as of lately you have been keeping me all kinds of wonderful company. i am grateful for that!

Im 'special' as in 'special needs' lol....
I broke my computer... plus all the leg falling off (nearly) stuff..... Ive boprrowed one now....

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Charlie, if I blindfold you & restrain your hands I don't think I'll be giving you a haircut! ;)

yeah.... but you have seen ma fanjita!

Think you could pull off a bowl cut? :P

I did the one in the group logo.... loving it?