The Conquest

I have been a truck driver for the last 30 years and then last year the money problems started company went out of business and I have been unemployed almost a year I would love to have my old job back and the money I was making my job was my home

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7 Responses Mar 16, 2010

The natives are restless. An uprising is coming. This country needs jobs and how can it have jobs when it makes NOTHING. All our manufacturing has been encouraged to leave by way of the government offering tax benefits, environmental skirting and cheap labor. Something has got to give. Keep looking for a job but you'd better start preparing yourself for what I'm talking about as well. The proof is all around you.

yes it is tiglly the currents have picked up

somethings coming, i feel it in the wind, just keep positive : )

Thanks gryff

These are hard times for so many people...even people who have jobs, are struggling to get by.<br />
The price on things just seems to go up every time you go to the store...Just keep sending out your resume' and applying for might surprise you---you could find something in a totally new field... Have you thought about taking some classes at your local community college? I'll say a little prayer for you. hugs, gryf

I have been doing a lot of prayers with a lot of different people I'll pray for you too

I feel you on that are not easy to come by...i have been out of work for a year too. Keep positive.