Justice Is So Not Served

I am not a very noble person nor am I evil. I do not intend to be a criminal here but as I look at reality, it makes me feel like I want to.

You see, I haven't experienced any  major tragic or awful thing in my entire life. I haven't lost a beloved person nor have I been looted of any sentimental or valuable thing-----YET. But I can't help but feel very sympathetic to those people I see every day on the television as I watch the news.

Hundreds of thousands of cases still has not brought to a closure and by looking at the circumstances, it seems like there will never be. Especially in the system here in the country where I live- power, money and influence are the sole reasons why criminals are kept from being behind bars. When you have these, even though there is a strong evidence against you, still, you can turn everything into your favor. Especially the prestigious figures who have killed  a lot of  people, cheated on a lot of people, used a lot of people, those who are powerful enough to easily buy justice away from people who rightfully deserve it, wrap it up in a tablecloth and throw it in a sh*t hole.

And what is left for the family and loved ones of the people these people have killed? I don't know. But certainly, almost a lot of them only have hope. Hope that somehow, sometime, they can have their justice. Justice that deep in their hearts, they know they will never get. How pitiful they are.

Definitely, it will take a long long time before justice will be served, worse is there wouldn't be any at all cause those that are guilty wouldn't be caught and punished anyway. This is what is wrong in my country. When you are poor and you have committed a crime, you'd be put behind bars no question. But when you are a powerful person, when you have a lot money and assets, even though all evidences are pointed directly at you, still, somehow, (magically) the situation will turn upside down and you'll be acquitted of everything.

I may not know my place here nor have any right but I do feel so pissed about the system here in my country. The police, the supreme court even the government, the higher ups. Those figures who are supposed to give justice to their people are doing the exact opposite of what they are obliged to. In fact, some of them are even part of a lot of crimes and scams and everything. Those f*cking idiots who enjoy the wonder and glory of the world while others suffer.

Those evil lying hoodlums wandering free around the streets, even though their guilt is so obvious, yet somehow, they can't be condemned.  I just can't stand it anymore. It makes me so sick. I'm sorry, but I want these people to suffer. I want them to feel the pain and agony that the people they mistreated, robbed, hurt, cheated and deceived, MURDERED felt. I want them to realize what it feels like to undergo the same misery of the loved ones of whom they have killed.

By the way, I am not only speaking against those 'influential' people that I would like to bring to justice. Being not powerful or poor doesn't mean they have to be spared. NO. I am speaking about every criminal here, regardless of their status, who are still wandering free enjoying everything they could in their lives while leaving others in great turmoil. I WANT TO BRING THEM TO JUSTICE. AND I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF AND I'M SERIOUS.

I want to be like Light, I want to have a death note where you can easily bring justice for others. The difference is, it's not for personal gain and profit. I do not wish to be a 'god of the new world' shitness. NO, I do not want power for myself. I just want to do this for others. Since the ones responsible for bringing justice don't have enough balls and brains to do it, then I would wholeheartedly and gladly wanna take responsibility. That's all I want.

By the way, I'm a girl. And I certainly don't need balls here, brains and determination is all I've got.

domodiLLeta domodiLLeta
18-21, F
May 8, 2012