Improvising Only Gets You So Far

I have a few clear open areas, storage for parts, and a way to keep the rain off of everything as it stands right now, and for minor stuff that's enough. What I really need though is a dedicated facility. Size is not critical but it would help to have enough room for everything at once.

Here's a small sample of what I try to work with often enough that it's really inconvenient to have to swap out all the time:

-Multi-machine combination machine shop device.
-Electronics "breadboard" test platform and related instruments.
-DIY forensic analysis apparatuses.

Just having a single dedicated spot for each of these things would make things at least four times easier. But as long as I'm engaging in wishful thinking...

-Experimental Vehicle Garage
-Experimental plant hybrid greenhouse
-Dedicated solar thermal power plant
-Dedicated metal foundry
-Dedicated research computer for documenting and saving experiments and results
-Secure, Hidden access; possibly underground with climate control and recycling
-Automated Robot Factory
-Retractable Weather Control Array

Somewhere along the line I crossed the line from wishful thinking into megalomania, but a man can dream. Even a madmann. It's totally in the Constitution or something.
doctormadmann doctormadmann
Sep 13, 2012