Roommates Suck

Let me start off by saying; I am only home and AWAKE for 3 hours a day excluding Weekends when it may be longer than that or shorter depending on my plans. The last 3 weeks I was only home on weekends for Friday night and Sunday night.

My roommate cooks and lives throughout the house. I limit myself to the bedroom and bath. I don't cook dinner nor eat with his family. For some odd reason he expects me to clean the effn dishes that him and his boys eat off of.  I already keep the bathroom clean because I use the bathroom. I try to maintain my bedroom as I cant stand a mess but not being home and wanting to rest is  really hard to keep immaculate.

I do some shopping today and bought food to take to work a bit of junk and soda and juice. He got pissed off cause I didnt buy them food.

I havent really seriously started looking for another place but he said "I saw your ad on craigslist. "  I dont have an ad. The he ells me since i moved in his electric has doubled. Thats bs, cause I shut everything off in my room when I leave everyday.

I am sick of being blamed for ****, tired of not being home and having to clean up after efnn men, tired of it all. I want a quiet place of my own.


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4 Responses May 13, 2008

I recently got a roommate due to rents are too high for me to find a place to live alone. We get along real good. I treasure my time alone when shes at work. Im on permanent disability so I cant work. I really miss certain shows when shes home as she has fri to sat off. Shes more into comedies and Im more into reality shows and shows on the paranormal. Shes a great roommate never the less,

I feel for you as I have had lots of experiences as a lodger and none good for various reasons. The last one the house owner kept hitting on me and then got funny because I was not interested. I could not move out for a while and I felt very unhappy.<br />
Wish now that I had just told him to 'sod of' and not been so worried about a bad atmosphere.

Thanks !! Looking as we speak!!

Go for it!!!!!!