65 Acre Thoroughbred Race

I own a ranch that was so run down when I got it was scary.
I redid the main barn and built a 8 sided 64 stall barn with apartments upstairs and re tought people how straw is better then shaving for bedding for horse's.
I got the ranch 4 years ago I now board 101 horse's I have 12  people working for me. And I run the ranch like army camp.
But I have a waiting list of 140 people wanting to rent from the ranch now. I am building another 64 stall barn but it will not be done until next year.
It's a lot of hard work but fun work and I love it. Lots of nice people out there with horse's but lots of BRATS too that shouldn't own horses also.
I dreamed many a year to find the one and I think I have so far. Keep dreaming and maybe oneday it will come true. The ranch is my 2nd job but it's the one I love the most.

sirdan99 sirdan99
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1 Response May 6, 2012

It sounds great :-)
I have some friends in the Dallas area that board their horses.
I went with them to the place and was impressed with the horses but disappointed with the attention they received.
They are fed and the stalls cleaned but that is all. They receive no attention but the bare minimum.
Most of the owners rarely even saw their horse and never rode them.
Anyway, I walked around and talked to them (the horses) lol... they, without exception, came to me and enjoyed the interaction.