My Perfect Man List

In no particular order...

Fairly good looking
Intelligent and talented
Wants a family
Can provide for a family
Wants to travel, has the guts and means to do it
Well dressed
Strong, protective, loving type
Has dreams and ambitions of his own
Is man not a boy, takes responsibility, is mature for his age
Christian - not strict
Likes to have fun, is funny/ has a good sense of humour
A handy craftsman would be a plus
Treats a woman with respect and likes to think of things to please her – Romantic, but not over the top
Can cope under stress and pressure
Has lips I could never get tired of kissing, arms I never want to leave and a deep connection with myself, deeply in love with me (my personal Mr Darcy)
A loving supportive family would be nice too but not essential, no one can help their family
Trustworthy and my best friend
Helps and does his part with cooking and housework, is fairly tidy although not a neat freak
Can dance
Someone I am comfortable with being around, would love to get to know me properly, take it slow, get to know my friends and family aswell
Is good in the bedroom department :)
followthewhiterabbit followthewhiterabbit
22-25, F
Dec 3, 2012