Hopfully Sooner Than Later. She Is Nervous.

My wife is four months pregnant. She is 5'3 and a bit over weight. Our sex is ordinary. Nothing too crazy. She is bery tight. I introduced a toy into our relationship 6 months ago. She loves it. Now during sex we use it on her to have a DP, and more often then not she sucks on my fingers or my whole hand while I am inside of her. We pretend it is another ****. We talk dirty in bed, and i often suggest sharing her with other men. I can tell it turns her on. I think it is hott to have others helping me get her off over and over. This is something i'm interested in trying with her.
Last night I flat out brought it up during sex. First I asked her if she would suck my **** while another man is in side of her. She moaned and said yes. I asked her when we can try it. I suggested we take some dirty pictures of her and put an add online. Let her see if she is interested in any of the responses. She got kind of upset and didn't want to talk about it anymore. So I dropped it. I woke her up this morning with sex and it was like nothing happened. So she is not still mad at me. Any suggestions for me? I don't want to push her into this, but she wants it. Has anyone else in a similar situation had any luck? Thanks from socal
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She isn't pregnant anymore so i guess I have to leave this group.
She is becoming a pro at anal now!

It was a bust. She wore her slutty black dress and cupless bra. She said the plumber was a really old fat guy her grandpa's age..... <br />
oh well.<br />
Maybe she'll be more open to it next time!

She told me when he comes she is going to wear a skimpy dress, cupless bra, and crotchless panties. I asked her what she is going to happen. She said, We'll see...... In a devious tone of voice!

Thanks good advice.<br />
Update: not much has changed.......<br />
I texted her today, told her that next week when the plumber comes over I want her to flirt with him and dress provocatively. I will be at work.<br />
She said ok.<br />
I told her I'd ask the neighbors to watch the kids while he is here....<br />
she told me don't bother.... She can handle having the kids around.<br />
I said, not if you're going to be hanging all over the plumber!<br />
Will let you know if anything happens!<br />
She is very self concious about being pregnant!