I Want My Boy Back!

I let my son move to his fathers house in Dec. of 07.   I wanted him back the second after he left. Being with out him was like telling me I couldn't have air.  Though I see him every weekend.

But I thought that at 13 1/2 it was time for him to learn to be a man.   Sure, if the guy I sent him to live with (his father) was a  man!  Lol... Oh, he's not that bad.  I had 13 1/2 yrs to learn how to raise my son.  He's had to try and figure it all out in just a year.  I might add that he's not doing a very good job at it!

Anyway, since he moved over there... I ask him to come home all the time.  He says no.  *sighs*

Well, now that his grades are failing I told him that he has one quarter to pull them up or he's moving back w/me (I have custody).  Tonight when I told him that he'd better work on getting it together or he wasn't going to like sleeping on my couch...  he said, "Well, your couch is pretty comfortable." 

*JUMPS UP AND DOWN*!!!!***!!*!!**

OMG!  Maybe he's just too proud to say he wants to come home!  I'm on cloud nine!

chaaoos0013 chaaoos0013
36-40, F
Feb 26, 2009