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I would raise my son both ways. Here are the reasons why this needs to be brought forward in todays society. Their playtime would be more creative and allow for them to play with dolls and cars. The childs dressing also would be both in girls and boys clothes. To limit a childs gender explorations to one side only, is not a good thing. They need to expereince both sides to get a much better understanding of the world around them. Boys in general want to have both forms of play and dressing in their lives. It helps to bring balance and less stress to them. The thing is that the parents need to let their son explore this. This is the way forward in our modern society. We cannot allow boys to stay in the gender boxes of the past. This may be a hard pill to swallow, but I do feel that giving boys equal time to explore will teach him life long skills in the modern world. A bit of masculinity and femininity in a boy is the greatest thing we can do for him. His view of his world will not be so biased either. We need to ge out of this mindset of boys can't do this but girls can. That is biased. You are limiting him to what he can and cannot do. So all in all, boys would feel better about themselves if they were allowed to be raised both ways. It is needed.
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I have mixed views about this, even thought my mother raised me as a girl since I was 8. There is some disagreement between my mother and I whether the choice was hers or mine. Regardless, it seems evident that I must have found enjoyment in dresses and skirts from the numerous pictures of me growing up looking like her daughter. Perhaps its true that a young boy will get another perspecitve on life if he walks a mile in heels and skirts ...but what happens if that feminine persona becomes the preferred lifestyle? I'm now 20, living with my sister ...and I haven't seen a boy in my mirror for over 10 years, nor can I imagine ever trying to do so again. <br />
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Althought I was ultimately raised as one of two daughters by a single mother, I strongly feel I grew up in a loving family and I am happy to be me ...learning my place in the world. I just wonder if my mom would have still dressed me like a girl if she knew I would live out my life in ruffles and lace. On the other hand, maybe she knew that's where I would find my happiness. <br />
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Andrea, would you keep your son in skirts in dresses if he began to prefer living as a girl?

I agreee with your sentiments exactly. I grew up being allowed to dress as either a boy or a girl, yes that means I had dresses, but pants as well. I played with dolls and my electric trains, although I never played sports. I grew up and had a very successful career as a police officer. The fact that I did experience living as both genders actually aided me in my career.