Our Son Mason

Our son Mason is lucky enough to experience life as a boy and as a girl.

When dressed as a girl, Mason is a lot quiet, and more calm. He enjoys cuddling with his Mother more and tends to do what he is told more so when he is a boy, mason's mother has allowed him to attend classes to help shape his manners and behavior to act more like a little girl than a rowdy boy.

He has dolls and trucks to play with and his nursery is done in soft purples and pinks and his closet is lined with both beautiful dresses and little boy clothes. In the summer he spends a lot of time in the dresses his mother picks out for him.In the summer when we take Mason to the pool he is in his diaper and his swimsuit which is a red with white polka dot one piece, with ruffles around the bottom.

Once a year his mother take him for photos at the local store as a little girl. They are adorable photos and one display all year. He is such a beautiful, happy little girl.
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This is the way it can be if people could just see the same energy we put into sharing typically male experiences with girls in the same manner we should share girl experiences with boys. So we take our daughters camping or fishing or working on the car, and we dress them appropriately, which is usually outfits that are masculine. Shouldn't we also share a tea party or house work, or career day with our sons in similar appropriate feminine attire? What's the big deal? And wouldn't it make for a more peaceful world?

Does Mason wear diapers 24/7 still?

You are a wonderful mom, much more sensitive with giving your son the opportunity to develop as a natural person, than to the sorry arbittrary social customs and taboos.
I have been raising my son Toby much the same way. He is turning out to be a kind, gentle and thoughtful person.

I love reading your story, and agree completely that the special opportunities and dress afforded to most little girls should be encouraged, nurtured and shared with the boys, I have seen the drastic results to the extreme, it is ugly and needs to be changed, please share some more details on how this all started, specifically with your son, how his emotions changed, if any change to place in you, your family or the family bond, and please share some of those precious photos, I only have my story and bits and pieces of my memories that flash by once in a while, these experiences are a form of healing, loving and caring,<br />