There Is A Right And A Wrong Way.

I am a son. I know what I want to do with my life, and my parents...generally support it. :), But I have to say don't create your son/daughter in your image. Please. It will only push them farther away. I am at a critical age. 17. I could take what my mom says and do what she wants me to do. but that's not who I am. I need to be who I am, and I'm guessing that your children want to do the same. So I have a piece of advice for you.

Talk to them.

Ask them what they like to do. What they plan to do. Don't shove college, premed, law school, down their throats. If you do, some kids might do it becuase they love their parents, but that doesn't mean that they will be happy. Some kids might totally rebel, and it won't be pretty. I have been supported in everything that I have done. (this doesn't mean do it for them. give them the opportunities they deserve.) If they don't like something, why force them to do it? it seems somewhat ridiculous don't you think? And we're only kids. Everyone expects us to be so grown up. I am a kid in some respects, and I am able to express that. My curiousity, my unfailing optimism, my fascination with the smallest details. These are not immature, we need to carry these trait through out our lives... but ANYWAY ( got a little off track) If you have questions, and concerns that you feel only a kid could answer. you can ask me.  

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I understand the things but parents are not wrong.<br />
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wow I would love to pick you brain... I have a son that is 19 who is the rebel you spoke about .... and I have a 14 year old who thinks that he is the coolest, most popular dude there is... he thinks he has to be superman for all of the girls who are his "sister" and the "gang" he hangs with he a "leader"... they don't do anything, he has turned down drugs, he has messed around alittle... but the girls that like him are in my mind "Bad girls"... they text him xxx stuff and experiment alot with bisexuality... lucky for me I am considered to be a cool mom.. but sometimes I hear more than I want... my 19 year old says that he wants to be an xray tech... but doesn't want to go take the tests to get into school.. his last year in high school his best grades were in partying and drinking... don't know what to do to motivate him but I know that I cannot continue to aid him in his lazy lifestyle...<br />
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my 14 year old... I don't want it to happen the same way... he is dyslexic and dysgraphic.. so a very out of the box thinker.. he keeps me on my toes... he wants to be a game designer/tester creater.. I hate video games but know enough to let him follow his dreams due to the learning differences... he is not a desk/paper pusher... HEEELLLPPPP!!