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Boys Would Be Equals

Here is my position on this. If I was raising a son in todays world, he would be allowed to wear skirts and dresses just like girls. I see no reason why he shouldn't have the same access to them. To make him feel good about wearing them, we would have a talk about it first and get his side of things. Let him decide for himself what he would like to wear. I would encourage him to do this without shame either. Parents need to add these items to their sons closets to offer him options to his dress other than shorts and pants, Pants and shorts have become very stale and boring in my opinion and need to be put in the back of the closet for cold days only. I am a strong supporter of this boys wearing skirts and dresses movement. Since I have looked online at boys historical dress, boys did wear said items before 1939 and looked very good in them at that time. They would be brought up to todays modern looks to achieve this. We do need to recapture that moment by unbreeching boys today. Boys deserve to be unbreeched and allowed to wear skirts and dresses along with the girls. I keep going back to this thought, why are we denying boys this. I see no valid reason why that is. Boys want and should get them added to their wardrobes. If I was able to live life over again, knowing what I know now and seeing the pictures, I really would have enjoyed wearing them instead of my pants and shorts. They look so much more comfortable too. It is my dream to see boys wear skirts and dresses just like girls since I didn't get that chance as a boy myself. Please do this and bring about equality among the genders. It will go a long way towards peace.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 11 Responses Oct 10, 2011

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I entirely agree with you love, I am a man in a womans body and for some time wanted to be transformed

You women are shsmeful your ok with the feminization of your sons who will one dsy be men .
You say you want your son to be himslf but say you will buy the girly clothes to give him more choices then who is making the decision you or your child. Little kids have no shameso if he wanted a dress he would naturally want one you wouldnt have to talk them into anything.
Teach him how greatvit is to be a man and if you want a daughter then go have one.
You dont mind some pervert seeing your son in that clothes and raping them .
You love your kids then protect them teach them to love themselves and grow into the person they will be .
It sounds like you want your boys to be gay or look feminine whats wrong with your mind
Shouldnt you be worried about education, health, and mostly safety.
I hope those boys dont grow up and hate you for changing them because you want to be part of something or feel like the special mom with the lil special child .
Sounds like these kids are being exploited by you just like your being exploited by others.
If you knew what was behind this movement you would be as disgusted as I am
Dont listen to me look it up for yourself and if you know the depth of what your saying and you want your normal healthy son to loose his identity for an agenda then you deserve what ever outcome you get I hope your baby will be fine despite your weird words
What equality is there in destroying men and women
They want to have sex with your little boys of course they would love to see them in a skirt
Open your eyes moms and dads

perhaps you should look up the word "equality".

if i had a boy i would buy him boys clothes and girls clothes then tell him he can wear whichever he chooses and he will not be made fun of or looked down upon for being himself.

yes i think your right they would be alot better off if they wore skirts and dresses and not pants / trousers or shorts their not good for their health either, they need to keep cool down there.

I will agree since i myself was a boy i like wearing dresses, skirts, panties, pantyhoses, and oh yes a bra too.

i want to be a girl im a boy 13

If that's what you want then go for it be your self life is to short to be unhappy if you want any advice feel free to ask

No I don't agree , In the past dresses and niteshrits were put on boys to make it easer to change diapers not as fashion statement . To put a boy in girls cloths now is the same as my self in a group home after abuse wearing diapers , yes I needed them but it didn't make it any easer . All it did was make me meaner then a junk yard dog .

Boys dresses were a fashion "statement". There were a host of different styles just as for girls. There were even matching pattern dresses for boy/girl twins. Read his.clo or see bob moores pictures at picasweb. Most boys only wore the dresses until 8 to 10 yre. of age, but some boys until mid teens. there are hundreds of pictures from the President Roosevelt's son to the common people.

Skirts are super comfortable ! As clothing becomes more and more unisex there is no doubt that skirts and eventually dresses will be in every mans closet ! Just how long that will be is open to question. should just one male young Singer/Star begin to on a regular basis to wear kilts and or skirts. The whole thing will be solved in just a couple years. Otherwise it still may take 10 yrs or better.

I agree with Justin 100%. Boys and men should be in dresses and skirts on a regular Basis. Male Femininity is the Best QWay to have Peace in the ASociety and the World. Just Imagine If Male Femininity was Prevalent in the Middle east, don't you think that are would be much more Peaceful? If those males were more concerned with their Appearance and had Feminine Activities, that part of the world would be mush Calmer, don't you think?

I do agree that boys should be given the option, and as you point out once it becomes accepted by the media and promoted by the boy's own teen idols eventualy it will be considered normal behaviour and socialy acceptable to enjoy the sense of freedom that wearing a skirt/dress instead of shorts bings. but I think we should emphasize that it must be the boys choice.

yes just as girls today have the options of pants or shorts. Access to clothing should not be just on a gender list, but on what a person feels comfortable with.

Very well written piece. It is true boys wore skirts and dresses from 1835 right here in America. The only thing is that they would be needed updated from that of yesteryear.