I'm A Nudist, But My Wife Is Not.

It's very frustrating being male and hating clothes. People look at you like you're a pervert or something when they find out. Most nudist clubs won't even let "single" males go in. It'd be a lot easier if I could get my wife to go naked with me. She's made a few attempts when it's just the two of us and very little chance of being caught, but nothing lasting. However, last night was another small breakthrough.

My wife's normal bedtime routine is: enter bathroom, disrobe, shower, dry, brush teeth, put on PJ's, exit bathroom, get on computer for a minute, climb in bed. Last night was different, though. She never put her PJ's on. She completely skipped that step! In 12 years together, the only time she ever skips that step is when I tell her I'm horny before hand, and even then it can be hit-or-miss. However, I didn't mention sex at all last night, she just went sans clothes on her own! That's HUGE for my very practical, conservative wife. I usually have to prompt her to get/stay naked. She eventually did put on a tank top when I was just about asleep, but no bottoms. I get up way earlier than she does, and so I reached over and checked this morning before climbing out of bed and she was still bare-assed. She must've got cold after I got out of bed, though, because she had on PJ pants when I kissed her good-bye before leaving for work. Oh well, it's a step in the right direction towards her becoming clothes-free, and that makes me VERY happy! I'm going to continue to encourage her to wear less and less as the weather gets warmer and warmer. Perhaps as earlier as next summer I'd like for her to go naked in front of company like one of our more outgoing female friends or one of our gay male friends so it's not as "threatening" at first. Keeping my naked fingers crossed!
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I'm a nudist too! My wife is VERY prudish, especially now that we have children. She says that when I walk around nude, it scars the kids. What's wrong with the human body? My wife also has low body image issues, trying to fix that.