I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm in love with one of the teachers at my school, the thing is, I also have crushes on other people, but it doesn't feel like a crush, I feel like I'm in love with 3 people (Is that even possible?) Anyway, one of them is my teacher, one is my ex-boyfriend and the other is my best friend (who happens to be a girl :/ )  But I don't know what to do... My teacher (well, ex-teacher, I was taught by them last year and that's when my feelings started ever since then they've been growing stronger and stronger) found out that I "like"  them on a school trip to France (thanks to my "friends" whom I am currently ignoring.) Thankfully this guy doesn't mind and I'm not guna see him for 6 weeks (as it's the holidayssad ) but I'm so confused... How can I still like my ex after all the lies hes told and how much he hurt me... How can I like my girl friend? Is that normal?... And what do I do about the whole teacher thing?... If you have any advice, PLEASE share it....
jasmine109 jasmine109
13-15, F
Aug 3, 2010