Uvbs And No Sugar...

I am trying to re-pigment... It is a verry slow process.

I am trying to not eat any sugar and increase my chick-peas...

My stress level is lower than it has been in years.

Not sure to do past that.
36-40, F
7 Responses May 21, 2010

my vit makes me really sad.. i feel like no guy will ever like me because of it..

i've had enough of my ******* VIT :(

About the same time my VIT first reared its head, I had about a 15 day migraine... Interresting if they are related...Was bartending, alergy to smoke 4 nights a week... and perspiring constantly...

I would guess that most do. My SIL suffers from severe migraines but since she has been using copper pots to cook in and drinking her water from a copper jug she is doing better. Copper is a tiny element in our system but can cause major problems when we are depleted. Balance is the key to everything about our intricate systems.

Wonder how many people with vit have migraines... some of which are related to improper copper metabolism?

Thanks, had not heard of ginger juice...

I do not suffer from vitiligo but know several pple who do. I'm a retired physician and have always studied natural cures. My naturaopathic dr. directed my sister-in-law who suffers with this to the following web page and she uses several of the natural cures (especially ginger juice) on her vitiligo spots and is bringing the pigment back with remarkable results. I'll post the link and you can see what you think about it. Blessings to you and I hope you have success. Giggles :)<br />