I'm Losing Self-confidence Because Of I Have Vitiligo In My Face.

its been four years now since vitiligo started appearing in my face, and now my nose, eye lids and cheeks are covered with white patches. sometimes i just stay in my room and pity to myself. and now i want my self confidence back, but i don't know where or how to start. i'm afraid of what people will tell or think of me. i'm afraid to judged by other people because of my physical appearance.
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i know how you feel. I have had vitiligo for about 5 years. Most of the time, I try to forget that I have it. I kind of ignore it at times. I have it on my hands, elbows, and it always reappears on my face. It really bothers me more than i like to admit. People in my family always tell me that its not that bad. Its different when your with your family, they will love you no matter what. its other people that I worry about. I also have many insecurities about myself because of vitiligo. I can honestly say, its one of the reasons why I have been single for a while. Im am scared to try to get close to people, especially guys, because I feel like they are judging me. The first thing someone notices when they meet you is your physical appearance. So it very hard to deal with having this skin disease. I think it will definitely take some time for you to get used to. Over time, I have grown to be more comfortable with it, but it still bothers me, every time i look in the mirror.

I know exactly how you feel. I've had for for about 9 years and it can suck BAD! It is ok to be scared, angry but don't pity yourself. There is support out there and questions to many of your questions, unfortunately not all the answers as vit has no cure. :(

I have met many good people who also have vit and I gain strength through people who know and have and are experiencing what I am experiencing. please feel free to friend me, send me a message, or just vent because you are having a bad day. I have vit on my face and so if you want, there are some great make-up products you can use.

I use dermablend which I absolutely love. they have at least a dozen+ colors so you can mix to find your perfect shade and a cover powder which allows it to be smudge and waterproof. I go swimming it in with no problem. There are also vitiligo communities online that are great and I would love to share them with you. Good luck. I promise, you can get your self-confidence back- it is possible!

I really feel your pain. I too have vitiligo on my face and it really does effect us. I developed mild agoraphobia (fear of the outdoors or anywhere outside of the home) because of my vitiligo. I hated myself and I hated what I looked like. I felt that no one would want to be my friend or ever get close to me because of how I looked. I thought of myself as a freak of nature who deserved to have this blight on my face.

I wish I could tell you that things got a lot better for me but it was/is not that simple. I did learn that not everyone will reject you for having vitiligo. There are some people out there who are shallow and disgusting but thankfully they are in the minority. We (sufferers) always think it is worse than it is. I have Vitiligo around both eyes, on my chin and patches on the side of my face (just below the ear).

How do I cope?

I have yet to figure that one out but I have decided to not let it rule my life any more.

As for self confidence; I think that is something only you can find.

I am not very confident but I try. Look in the mirror and try to look past the vitiligo. Try and see the person who you want to be.

Sorry I couldn't help any more.