Are We All Stupid Or Ignorant?

I am 22 years old and Live in a modern city in the modern time..... It may all seound normal but what is our normal? Is normal when you are going with the system without asking questions and believing in the goverment?

My story starts about 6 years ago when I finally got the mindset I needed to see whats out there... At first I thought my family was the loving church type like everyone else but soon realised the Illuminati are everywhere... The head of my Family is still today a Master Mason and denies all his connections with them, Despite having some of his items in my room.... My own research brought me to the conclusion that My great GrandMother was murded by him as his Final Initiation when he reached Master Mason.... Her Cause of Death according to the doctors was poising from fumes of glue but I just cannot see that happening....

Am I the only one out there who carries such a burden?

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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

if u could share with me then i would love to see.

And whats the content to you if i may ask?

Hey nadeem stay tuned for something mind blowing in the next few days..... My post thats coming up might stirr some trouble.... I recently found plans from the masons to build a fortress......

watch the Arrivals on facebook videos,google the arrivals facebook videos,

hey nadeem I have more documentries about the system than you could imagine plus I have real written docs from mason to mason.....