My Theory On Life

The world has forgotten the true meaning in life. At age 22 I am still young but hate what the world has to offer. Even though I love technology, it corrupts everything.

The two inventions that never should have seen the face of the earth is a clock and money.

When currency was introduced slavery became volunteer work. When working hours came into action we truly became slaves.
Think about it. If you are not at the office between 9 – 5, you do not get paid. If you do not get paid, you cannot buy food, if you do not have food, you cannot survive. So even though you think you are free, guess again.

If you ask any young child today what the purpose in life is, they will tell you: to be successful.
Wrong, the purpose in life is to experience life.
No matter what you do, you are always following someone else’s orders. Everything you do is taught to you by someone or something. The only thing you really can believe is your thoughts but even in your own head it is hard to filter the bullshit.

I believe the only way to be truly free is to let go of everything you were taught and start a whole new life. Meaning you have to let go of religion completely. I am not saying do not believe in anything, but you cannot believe the story in the bible.

I believe in God the almighty power but all the other side stories are a bit hard to believe. How can God be the God of love but when A 3 month old baby gets raped then he lets it continue? He wants you to forgive everyone but if you do not follow his commands you will burn in hell forever.
Why is it needed to rewrite the bible?

Why did the pope announce in 2008 that the Roman Catholics suddenly believe in Aliens? You cannot change your believes as you go, that’s bullshit.
If you follow the Ten Commandments word for word. You are committing a sin the day you get born.

Thaw shall not lust. If you are craving anything you are committing a sin so how can you progress in life without wanting a better life?

Pitte Afi Boom
DNA011 DNA011
26-30, M
Dec 3, 2012