We Need A Real Leader

It is time for the old to make way.... In my opinion the world has changed so much in the past 10 years most above 50 are left behind in tech and science... They cling to things like religion and race bullshit.... Then they want to turn around and say its the young still keeping the fires alive but who tells the young about this ****?

I am really tired of the system and I cannot say it enough! I really wish more Hurricane sandys can hit the world... I believe that will change humanity..... If big disasters can strike on a global scale then just maybe there will be so little of us left that we will acctually have to work together for a real system that works and everyone is once again free...

But history dictates that freedom will never really be what they cliam it is... You see as long as there is something to gain people will always use other to gain the advantage...

If there is a GOD i think it is really time for him to help humanity out..... We need Him now more than ever!!!!!!!
DNA011 DNA011
26-30, M
Dec 6, 2012