My Voice

When i was a little girl from the day i could talk i was singing, my mother always said. I still sing but its not me anymore its the artist of the song, i always dreamt of not being famous but being known for my talent. I'm not the girl who dreams too big or thinks she's superior to others because i have some talent. i'm the girl who can sing but can not find her own voice. When i sing it's like all the problems in life fade away, nothing matters but the lyrics and beat of a drum to a song. Singing is an outlet for me to show my emotions that I'm too afraid to share for judgement or hurting others, But i don't want to be singing the artist i want to be singing me, there's a song somewhere just waiting to burst out, but it's the matter of when?
Velia2014 Velia2014
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012