My Wildest Fantasy Finally Came True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've written two posts before in this category: the first one being how my wife gave me head while having a vibrator on her **** and how good that felt. I asked her if she wanted to give me head sometime with a big cocked stud ******* her from behind. After some hesitation she warmed up to the idea. In the second post I spoke about how I introduced her to a friend I play soccer with that is just a mere 5 inches when soft. They hit it off, she touched his **** and she looked amazed. Anyway, here comes the anniversary story of what happened. Our anniversary this year was on a Friday (a couple weeks ago.) During the week I kept asking my wife if she wanted to do this and she seemed more excited each time. She even gave me ******** as encouragement, asking me if I can handle seeing her explode. The point of this is that I WANT to see her *** harder than she does with me. I booked a nice hotel room in the downtown area of the city we live in. My wife and I arrived to our room at about 5 PM but the guy wasn't going to come over until about 7. When we got into the room, we turned on the AC and kicked our shoes off. My wife went to the shower and I asked if I could watch. She took her clothes off and started running the water so she could shave her beaver. She shaved everything except for a little landing ***** on her crotch. But her lips were clean and looking sweet!!! She started taking a shower and asked me to get in. I told her that I'd prefer not to, because that would lead to sex and I want her to be READY for this guy. She agreed. After drying off, she put on the thong I requested her to wear for this experience. It's white and pink with a VERY thin string that covers the goods. It really doesn't leave much to the imagination, but the edges are boarded with white ruffle. She has such a big soft white *** that I love. Just seeing her *** pop out of that thong makes me hard. She has DDD breasts that are so white and creamy. She has a red lingerie teddy that she wears sometimes that I love. She put this on which was made perfectly for her breasts. She then put on medium black stockings that only went up about a foot above her knee and clasped them on with the clasps from the red teddy. Over this she put on the red bathrobe that came with the teddy. She looked good enough to eat. We made sure to bring the toys just in case. A big 8 inch *****, the vibrating egg thingie, and motion lotion that tasted like strawberry. We couldn't resist as we were so horney that I decided we should drink a bit to calm our nerves. I brought a bottle of rum and some cans of coke that I had in a cooler in my car. I told her to wait right there while I went to the car to pick it up. It was already 6:30 and I was so excited. I went down to the car and grabbed the cooler. As I'm walking back towards the room I hear my friend. I was so happy that he had gotten there early. He was wearing a tight t shirt and jeans. I decided that it would make my wife so hot if I let him come into the room with the drinks as I waited outside for 5 minutes or so to smoke a cigarette. I unlocked the door with the key card and walked to the side as he entered. Right before he closed the door I heard my wife giggle a little bit and say wow. I lit a cigarette but couldn't even think about that as I knew he was alone with my wife in the room. I wanted them to get acquainted so I made sure to finish it. I finally went back into the room and my wife had her robe off, only wearing the teddy. He was down to just his underwear but he was behind her rubbing her breasts with his left hand and had his right hand under her thong. She was moaning heavily and as I stepped in they both looked at me and smiled. I asked my wife if she wanted to do it, but I realized that she wasn't going to be talking for awhile. She said mmm hmmm and started reaching her hand back to his boxer briefs. His **** was already hard and it was huuuuuuuuuuge!!! Just looking at his briefs, how they were pushing his shaft to the side, I was thinking wow, he will hurt my wife with that. I never expected it to be that big when I saw it in the shower and I don't think my wife did either. She turned around and moaned as she saw it. She was now on her knees and she was rubbing his crotch over his underwear while giving him a great view of her cleavage. She motioned for me to come over so I could start licking her. I told her to have her fun for now, I just wanted to watch the first go. She made sure I was cool with her going all out with this guy and I said of course and for her to take her time and have fun. She pulled down his briefs a bit so she could see his **** for the first time and she let out a hot moan and an, 'oh yeah' as she saw what he was packing. He had a huge white ****. She started ******* it around a bit with her hand, putting his giant **** head near her mouth and just moaning near it. He wasn't even completely hard. His **** was bigger than the 8 inch ***** we have!!! I had to see, I went to her as she was still on her knees and smacked her fat white ***. She moaned a bit more on his **** this time and he started grabbing her giant *******. I moved over the tiny bit of thong that was covering her ***** to see that she was dripping wet! He hadn't even touched her yet. I had to stick my tongue in there and it was so warm! I gave her a good couple minutes of the most teasing licks and there was already moisture running down her thigh a little bit. Finally, she grabbed him by the balls, stuck her tongue out and started licking and kissing his giant ****. He started moaning and put his hand on the back of her head and used the other one to play with her beautiful boobs. I decided to sit back down to watch all of this. She was giving him some real slow head, just kissing the head, running her lips down the big vein, and licking his balls. She didn't spit on him but she would gently open her mouth above his **** and let all her saliva fall onto it. He was really going wild. He started grabbing her *** and smacking it. He asked her how much of it she could take into her mouth and we were all surprised. She started with the head and continued. She grabbed his balls and went down as far as she could leaving a good 2-3 inches untouched. She can go down all the way on my ****. When she got there she gagged and pulled her head off making a smacking sound over his head. He was going crazy. She did this for a good 10 minutes and I busted heavily from ************. Finally he told her to sit on his face. She climbed her big *** on top of his tongue facing away from his ****. He started licking quickly as she was writhing over his skilled tongue. I could see her gyrating her hips and when her ******* got near his tongue he would lick that too and spank one of her *** cheaks hard. She was moaning so load with her chest and mouth pressed up against the bed board. After about a minute she exploded and I could literally see her *** going down his chin. She said, " oh my God that was incredible. Why don't you **** me hard with that big ****?" He took his pants from next to him and took out an extra large studded condom. After opening it my wife started rolling it slowly as he was holding his balls. His **** looked even bigger. She got on top of him with her breasts facing towards him and started riding. As soon as his giant **** head touched her lips she let out a long moan and said, "oh yeah!!!" He started pumping her slowly and she was already moaning heavier than when I get her to an ******. I was so happy we were in a hotel room because ALL of our neighbors wouuld be able to hear this one. She started saying, "oh yeah, **** my *****, **** me, **** my ***** with that big hard ****." as he started moving faster. By now she had her hands locked on the headboard and her ******* were bounciing in his face. he had his tongue out to meet her bouncing nipples but he was more focused on shafting her. he ****** her like this for about 4 minutes before she surprised me with an, "oh yeah, make me ***, MAKE ME ***, oh yeah, **** me, **** me, oh yeah, oh baby," and the longest moan I ever heard her make. By now she had her arms wrapped around him with her **** smooshed against his sixpack, and her *** locked in place over him so he couldn't move anymore. She continued moaning and said, "that was the strongest ****** I've ever had, that was amazing." I busted again and I wasn't even touching myself this time. They stayed like that for a minute so they could recover before he told her to get up. She said, " have I been bad' and we both agreed. He said that he wanted to **** her doggy and I took this as my moment to step in and get some head. She got on her knees and her *** cheeks were still shaking a bit from her previous ******. She was so wet. I put myself under her perpendicular so I could reach for her **** while she's sucking me. Also I had a better view of him ******* her. I grabbed the egg vibrator and she told him to go slow because it's so big. He started rubbing his **** along her drenched slit and putting it halfway in, taking it out, smacking her *** with it while she was sucking me. She wasn't moaning as loudly now but her whole face was red with the excitement of getting the best **** of her life in front of me. Her ******* looked so sweet dangling down and she was salivating all over my **** while rubbing my balls. Finally he put it in, and she couldn't take my **** in her mouth so she spat it out and said, 'oh my God, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.' He was pumping her slowly as I put the egg up to her ****. I could feel my hand getting drenched just from being under there. She put my **** back in her mouth and was moaning louder than ever. The vibrations felt so good on my **** as her giant ******* started catching a bouncing rhythm. At times she'd have to take my **** out of her mouth so she could let out some big screams. He'd start slow, work up a faster rhythm, pound her, she'd scream, and then he'd go slow again. After maybe five minutes she took my **** out of her mouth, and said, "oh yeah. **** me you stud, **** my *****, you're gonna make me *** again, make me ***, **** me with that giant ****. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as she came saliva was just falling onto my **** and I busted all over my wife's big *******. She continued ******* for what seemed like a minute and her legs were shaking so much. Finally he started going fast again and said he was going to bust. My wife turned over on her back with her tongue out and had her hand squeezing on his balls as he let out a huge load all over her waiting tongue. She never lets me bust in her mouth but to see her have her tongue out waiting for his load was another turn on for me. When he finished he lay down on his back on the bed tired from the hour and a half of ******* my wife and she pulled up next to him still moaning a bit. I asked her how it was and she said it was great. She asked me if he could spend the night and I said that I'd love that. We went out for dinner later and some drinks. When we finally got back they ****** one more time, which was enough for me. I got tired after that and we all went to sleep with my wife in between us. I woke up at about 3 in the morning to find them not in bed. When I went to the bathroom I could hear incredibly loud moans and water running through the door. I opened it and he had her on her knees with her stomach bent over the side of the hottub. Just as I got in she was *******. He busted all over her face again. Finally the next morning he left my wife his cell phone number and said bye and left. My wife told me that that was the BEST present she's ever had, that she loved it. They'll probably see each other in the future without me but she said she'll let me film. It was INCREDIBLE!!
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If only...

Now that is a great wife and I hope you were able to film the next session so you can go over it any time you want. I love women with big breast like your wife. I would love to see her **** sway with each thrust of **** going in her. Great story hope you have more. Thanks for sharing.