Sex Drive

There were occasions when my wife and I would get together with our friend (and my business partner) Marty and would meet in the next town. More often than not we would simply jump in one car with all three of us in the front seat and drive around and/or go parking somewhere. Marty, being an ex-cop, really knew of some great places to go parking and there would be numbers of other folks out there doing the same thing. One of the fun things we did was to just drive around and talk and eventually play around. I drove the majority of the time and my wife and I would get high just before we'd meet up with Marty so she was always ready and raring to go. At any rate she would start in with Marty kissing and groping at first but then ending up on her knees in front of him and blow him. I got plenty an eyeful even though I was driving. Then after she was satisfied with doing that for a while she would then lay across the seat face in my lap so that Marty could slip behind her and **** her doggy style and she would blow me. She didn't take long to make me *** when Marty would start thrusting more robustly and she would just bury my **** down her throat as he pumped the hell out of her and then *** deep in her. After we finished that we would bring Marty back to his car and then go have a coffee somewhere to top off the evening. Even though we drove around the back roads, it's amazing we never got caught as I'm sure the sight of the three of us would have been something to see.
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IKR ???

ikr = i know right.

So nice to hear that others love having sex in a car....

hot hot hot

That got my **** hard

My wife and I need a friend like Marty

hot story

I've enjoyed sex in a moving car a lot! Never a MFM though! You guys rock!

I just luv car sex altho I must admit the van was a topper cause we could have more 'friends' along.

If you had seen us, I'm sure it wouldn't have taken you long to join in either...

I'll bet it would have been! If I'd seen you...I would have had to relieve myself quickly!
Sounds like when ever you two got the itch, you sure knew people to help relieve that itch?