Wife Seduced In Front Of Me

My wife and I have always had a strong fantasy life and have role played. We've talked about many potential situations and have now had some opportunities to see them through. One Saturday, my wife, Mary, and I ran into a friend of hers from her old job. His name was Brian and I knew that when they worked together, they often flirted. I always assumed it was pretty innocent, but she did confess that once, when we were all out for drinks after work, he caught her on the way back from the restroom, pulled her into a hallway, and kissed her. He said at the time that it was something he wanted to experience and didn't know when he would have the opportunity. I asked her what kind of kiss it was, but she never answered. She just gave me a look that it was a pretty hot moment.

So that Saturday, we were shopping in the downtown area of our city, and we ran into Brian as he was leaving work, putting in extra time on a weekend. Mary said he was married, but wasn't really happy about it, so obviously work was a preferable place to be. It was almost five pm, so we invited him to join us for a drink. We found a nice restaurant that didn't have a lot of customers. My wife sat across from me in the booth, and Brian sat next to her. We all had a martini, and then another. Brian and I had a lot in common in our jobs so we were catching up on subjects of mutual interest. Mary and Brian were not talking much to each other, but I did notice that both of them had one hand each not on the table. My mind began to reel at the thought of what was going on. As the second martini took hold, our inhibitions began to melt away.

Mary looked at me with an intense look, and asked me if it was okay if we got a hotel tonight instead of driving home. We were only about 30 minutes from home, but I realized that we both had too much to drink, and when we ordered food, Mary ordered another round of drinks. When the waiter left with our order, Brian shifted in his seat and Mary closed her eyes and let out a very intimate sound. I finally figured out that Brian , having been in close physical contact with my wife over the last hour, had slowly but surely been seducing her. I was almost certain that he had found a way to get his fingers in her *****.  And, it was just as obvious that Mary was returning the favor by playing with his ****.   I assessed the situation for a minute, and came to a decision that I think I had been thinking about for a long time. I said I would make a call and get a hotel, but that I wanted Brian to join us. I think that remark seemed almost redundant at that point, as Mary had no intention of going to the hotel without Brian. I left the table to make a call, and booked a nearby hotel. When I returned, Brian had paid the bill and they were already headed out the door. Mary didn't hesitate to jump in Brian's car, and I was able to tell him where we were going before he pulled out.

I lost sight of them, but made it to the hotel and checked in. I called Mary to tell her our room number, but she didn't answer. So I texted instead. I went to the room, and about ten minutes later, Mary and Brian knocked. Mary was drunk but sexy drunk. Brian seemed much more in control, but also with a huge hard on.  Mary told me she was sorry they were late, but she had to see Brian's ****, and they spent some time alone in the car.  Her mischeivous grin told me all I really needed to know.

Brian looked at me and asked me what I wanted them to do. I said I wanted to watch him take her clothes off and suck on her ****.  They complied with my command, and he kissed down from her lips, to her neck, and then began to lick and suck on her nipples.  After a few minutes, he asked me, "now what." I told them that I wanted her to suck on his ****.  She smiled and looked at me, "again?" We laughed and she started to pull his pants off and went to work with lustful abandon. At that point, I could stand no more, so I maneuvered behind her, and proceeded to slide my **** in her while she was sucking on Brian. We spent the next hour or two together experimenting with various permutations and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Mary has seen Brian on occasion since then,without me.
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So hot. Use to have a somewhat similar story posted though did not end up in a hotel but rather poorly. You should post some photos of your sexy wife! ;)

Great story - Thank you for posting it. Which was better, the seduction or the event itself?

You have to make sure some of the other patrons get a glimpse of her charms! Bill in va.

Heading out to dinner tonight and plan to get her to take off her blouse as we drive home. And then...