Setting My Wife's Seduction

My wife and I have been married for 8 years now and I love her as much if not more than when we got married, she has not been with another man since we have been married and she is on the conservative side and a little shy at first but she also has a wild side that I have not seen since we had kids. My fantasy is to get her in to MFM thresome and introduce her to the swinging life style.

She is 34 110 lbs and in great shape and I keep fantasysing of her having sex with another man seeing her have ****** after ****** as we take turns pleasing her. I told her that my fantasy was to have thresome and see her with another man and she told me that I was crazy but as we were making love I felt that she was dripping with exitement way more than usal, so I started to use a ***** when we play together so she can get used to the sensation of two ***** at the same time and she had the strongest ****** ever.

Well to make this fantasy a reality I asked a friend from my prior work that she does not know to see if he could seduce her, after discusing the options he agreed to seduce her and will never tell her that I set this up. He is going to start her seduction next week and will update me with all the details of his progress, we expect her seduction to take some time but who knows maybe before we know it he will call me with all the detail on how he was able to convince her to let him pull her panties down and how he spread her legs and started to lick her ***** until she came and then slowly started liking her body until his **** felt the mois of her ***** and as he kisses her his **** spread her ***** lips and penetrated her for the first time, and hopefuly many more until we are able to set the scene to get her in to a MFM.

I will update as he updates me on the progress of her seduction.
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Ihave wanted to do the exact same think with my wife. We talk about it in bed but she has not agreed to do it for real. I have brought up her ex boyfriend that she dated before me, and it does drive her wild in bed and she teases me about him. They are even friends on fFacebook now, so hopefully I can make this happen. Have you had any luck with your wife since you posted this over three years ago? Let us know how Dan did with her!!!

Your right it does need to be her choice, or at least she needs to think it is her choice... Be patient, but don't give up on the fantasy! Sounds like she may already realize she is attracted to this "new friend" and is trying to resist her emotions and temptations that she is considering. Afterall, she has your permission... Keep at her with the fantasy - tell her the "image" is in your head and you cant stop thinking about her being pleasured by another man/mfm - it drives you wild, etc... I suspect she is closer to letting him seduce her than you think.<br />
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I did a similar thing to an exgirlfriend. Kept fantasizing with her about mfm and her having sex with others. I started using her exboyfriend. Supposedly she couldn't stand him. But she would go wild when I mentioned him during fantasies. Within a few months she started ******* him again... We never did do a mfm. I did get to do sloppy seconds on her.<br />
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It's not hard to get women to **** others. I think they have a hard time trying to figure out why their boyfriends/husbands want them to do it & they seem to think that we are trying to set them up or something. They don't seem to get it that we are turned on and proud of them for fulfilling their desires (and ours)! I'm not an expert, but these are just my thoughts..

Well the man that is going to help me seduce my wife let's call him Dan contacted me last night to let me know that he was going to start on her seduction Monday. <br />
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I don't want to rush things or get my hopes up since her seduction might take some time but who knows Dan might be that good seducing women and since my wife and I have discussed in the past that one of my fantasies was to see her with another man she might take the opportunity to see if how it feels to let her self be taken for the first time again.<br />
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It will be such a rush to get the updates from Dan on how he is progressing with her seduction, how long will it take for him to convince her to meet him for lunch or coffe for the first time, when will she let him kiss her for the first time and when will she let him take her for the first time.

Good luck keep us posted