Setting My Wife's Seduction Update

Dan gave me the first update that after emailing my wife for several days he finaly got her to accept him as a friend in facebook and has been exchanging a few emails with her. He said that he is moving slow to make sure he does not push her away, so far he has just beeing building trust with a few flirting sentences here and there and discusing things she is interested in which of course I updated him with the details of what she likes and what she dislikes as well as what her passion and hobbies are.

He expects that in a week or two they will be emailing and exchanging IM's several times a day and from there he will start talking to her over the phone and from there it will be a matter of days before he convinces her to meet in person for lunch or coffe. He said that once she agrees to meet in person she will be fantasysing about having sex with him and depending on how he reads her body language he will decide on how long before he gets her to spread her legs for him getting her to the point that she will almost be beeging him to **** her and from there he will start ******* her on a regular basis helping her let her inner **** out more and more every time and pushing her to experiment further each time.

I can hardly wait to get the update of that special day when she will give her self to him for the first time.
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This sounds pretty hot, keep us updated.

send me some of your stories and experiences friends

I set up an experience like this for my wife once. She has never known that I helped my friend seduce my wife. It was fantastic to hear from how later how my wife who has always been so good, eventually opened her legs for him. He said the actual moment when his ++++ penetrated her was the ultimate. "Having someone's attractive wife is the best" he told me later. I agreed.<br />
<br />
If anyone wants to hear what happened let me know. Oh and keep the updates coming in Im fascinated by this seduction

I've done something similar with my wife too. It is a fantastic feeling knowing that another man is ******* her

for many years I got my wife to seduce my friends. she loves sex and they never knew That I was in on the act. After she would tell me all about her experience and we would make love i found this very erotic Sometimes I could watch secretly while she was doing it and I got very aroused.

That is a very hot twist to things!!!! Does she still do it?

Hey, wud want to know how u managed to get her ****** by ur fren....

I would leave them alone and she would flirt with them. she is very attractive and has a great body. they soon came round

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Amazing . . . my fingers are crossed for you . . .

Sounds good, you may be able to tell if she starts fantasizing, because her sex drive with you should increase as well. If starts initiating sex and ******* harder and faster then you will know, it isn't you that is making her ***, but your friend!!!

the best I ever saw her do was with a young inexperienced guy. I invited to our place but made sure I was out when he arrived Jenny was there on her own and flirted with he was embarrassed at first but when she kissed him he got very excited and she took him to the bedroom I was able to watch through the window as the undressed each otherand had long hard sex it was very exciting