My Wifes Seduction

I received a brief update from Dan, he said that the emails have been getting more playful and her seduction is looking very promising. I am really surprised on how fast he was able to get her to respond to his emails and get playful in her replies. He obviously knows what he is doing.

He mentioned that he expects to go through a calm period to gain her confidence before moving to the next stage of his plan. Just thinking about the fact that her seduction is looking really promising gets me exited. I can hardly wait to hear more details from him.

I can tell that my wife has gotten more playful and has been acting a little sexier nothing to obvious but sine I am really paying attention to what she does since her seduction started  I was able to notice the subtle change.
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2011

I agree with swap4fun that you need to be ready for her feeliings which will run from ecstacy to guilt and everything in between. You already know this I am sure and you will support and reinforce her whenever you feel she needs it. I know your planning and Dan's skill seem to be effective. Good luck to you both and her too. I will be watching for updates anxiously.

This sounds very hot! Even though you know what's going on...make sure you are prepared for the final act...her coming home to you after she's given her ***** to another man and you realise that in HER mind she's cheated on you behind your back. Not trying to discourage you, just warning about unexpected feelings that might come up once she's crossed the line, from you as well as her. Me, I love my wife ******* other guys... I just want her telling me about it first...and after of course!

Sounds good, I will have to read the stories leading up to this point.