Seduction The Best Part

Ive always thought that watching my wife be seduced would be better than actually seeing her getting ******. The intimate kisses and touching, the flirting and passion , thats what i want to see. i often fantasize about taking her to the club and watching from afar while she dances with and is seduced by another man
willinghubby69 willinghubby69
22-25, M
3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Watching her slowly melt under his constant advances, letting him touch her, caress her body, kiss her, and then she responds putting her arms around his neck for a full on session of open mouth kissing as his hands wander all over her body...

Me too. I love it when other men flirt with her and she flirts back. Waiting to find the right guy to take it further and seduce her. Watching him slowly wear down her resistance and then allow herself to be taken by him will be a thrill.

I agree, seeing a young innocent faithful wife seduced is so sexy