Nice View

one day while i stopped at the pier i was walking across the parking lot and i started to pass between these 2 cars the drivers door swung open and this young woman turned to get out of the car, she was wearing a very short skirt. as she swung her leg out i was greeted to a lovely view of a bare ***** with short fluffy hair covering it. i was only a couple feet away so i got a lovely view , are eyes locked and i said thanks for the lovely view, at that time a couple kids got out of car i still think of that great ***** shot
blkmywhitewife blkmywhitewife
5 Responses Jan 6, 2013


Always a great view, though ine not seen enough. You are a good man to thank her. She had to know others would see her so she appreciated your comment.

sometimes you just luck out

I wonder if her husband encouraged her to do that.....I know I would have done so!

mmm now that is a nice day indeed