Think This Can Be Done

This is a long story but will try to make it short. Basically we met with a guy to **** her on two different occasions a few years ago. He had told me had had done this before but when we met he could not get it hard tho she got him off orally as he did her. We set up a date for second meeting but after thinking about it I wanted to cancel it, but wife wanted to go thru with it, so we did same outcome tho this time she had to suck him for 45 minutes to ***. Now she refuses to do again thus the seduction. I think the right guy and slow seduction this can happen. We are in Minnesota and email address is dags11@yahoo. com, contact me if you would like to form a plan to get this done ,update taking her to Vegas in may and have a black guy very interested will keep you informed
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

<p>Sure wish you were closer to hard to find the right guy for this</p>

So wish I were closer to you two.I can definetetly get the job done!I have been fortunate enough to be picked to be the first man to be with a married woman,Im and first and foremost about being grateful for the experience,doing everything i can to ease the ladies nervousness,giving her a wonderful time,and giving her hubby an unforgettable time watching his wife ****** by another man

Wow,there are defienetly guys who can get hard quickly and stay that way(me included wish i were closer) good luck