My Wifes Fantasy

This is a description of my wife's fantasy she told me about a few months ago. If you have read any of my stories, you know that she and I have had ********** and she has had other men. But, it's like all of our experiences have been set up and planned before hand. We had one ********* with a guy a long time ago that was a surprise, but it was my idea.

Her fantasy takes place at a hotel. We are on a trip somewhere and at the end of the day we go have some dinner then go to the bar for some drinks. We sit at the bar next to a man that is alone. He is a great looking guy with a great body. We both strike up a conversation with him. As the night goes on she grows more and more attracted to him. He asks me if I would allow her to dance with him and I give my blessing. On the dance floor he whispers in her ear how gorgeous she is and how sexy she is and his hands work his way down to the small of her back. She loves the way he looks deep into her eyes as he talks to her. They dance several times and each time she gets more and more attracted to him. His hands has worked his way down to her *** and the thought of me watching him seduce her is driving her crazy. He tells her that he wished she was there alone so that he could take her to his room and make passionate love to her. She tells him that she would love to go back to his room, and for him to come and tell me that he would like to spend the rest of the evening with her. They leave the dance floor and she walks away and leaves the bar. He comes up to me and tells me that my wife is the sexiest woman he has met in a long time. He tells me that he would like to spend the rest of the evening with her in his room and I tell him that obviously my wife wants this so I will agree. I see him leave the bar and see them meet in the lobby. They put their arms around each other and get on the elevator. As they get on the elevator, she turns around and makes eye contact with me and before the doors close, she gives me a huge smile, and then I read her lips to say...I love you.

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If ever in Hawaii, maybe i can help with this fantasy of hers. I am older male with a decent sized **** that she may enjoy. Check out my profile and let me know. she sounds very sexy...

great fantasy which I share as well

yes. Anyway that explains why she has been getting excited when black men and white men smile at her and say sexual things..........

dont worry about it shes with you isnt she?

dont worry about it shes with you isnt she?

I just found out that my wife was unfaithful to me witha yong black man ON OUR HONEYMOON!!!!<br />
<br />

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Hot story. I share my wife with a friend who adores her but knows he cant( as I cant) "own" her. But a stranger would be even hotter! Much more dangerous i.e. erotic