She Was Seduced

It was great when my wife was seduced by a guy who worked with me.

This is how it happened, This guy worked with me for about 8 weeks he was from Indiana and all our work was in the far west and north west side of Chicago so every night he would drive back to his house about two hours away so I was talking to my wife and asked her if he could stay at the house during the week she said OK I guess well after she had meet him she had no problem with him staying over so this went on for about 3 weeks after work we all had a good time together and were very relaxed, so I had always wanted someone to seduce my wife and we had talked about having sex with another guy a long time ago but she was unsure about it and said I was crazy but did not rule it out,  so now I wanted to see if she would go for it  after a few more days I asked my friend what he thought about the idea of seducing my wife, after the what the hell did you say, he thought I was nuts and just kidding around so after an hour of asking he knew I wanted this to happen he was unsure about how she would feel about it I told him at one time her and I did think about it but that is as far as it went so lets just try I think she will go for it.

So during the day Friday we had planned what to do.  Here is how it went when we got home my wife had on a pair of shorts and a top we told her we were going to shower before dinner so he took one bathroom and I took the other after we were done we sat down for dinner, after dinner my friend and I went to the TV room and waited for my wife to come in when she came in the room my friend asked her to sit by him so I would get jealous she just said that won't  happen because he doesn't get jealous, so she sat down and as we were talking he said maybe this will make him jealous he put his hand on her shoulder and started to rub then he rubbed her neck and went back to her shoulders, I just said go for it I'm fine after about five minutes he stopped and she said why did you stop it felt good  so he used both hands on her shoulders, after some time I said just lay down and let him rub your back well it took a bit more rubbing and talking from him to get her to lay down but once she did I could tell she liked it so he rubbed her back and legs for about 45 min. he even asked for some lotion and did a good job on her back rubbing under her top and was able to pull it up some, he rubbed her feet and up her legs rubbing the lotion in good then he rubbed her thighs but not getting to close to her private area but I seen his fingers go under the hem of her shorts a few times, he asked her how he was doing she said just keep it up,  so he worked his way back up to her shoulders under her top and rubbed there for awhile,  then with out me saying anything he bent over and kissed her neck a few times,  she got up and said she had to go to the bathroom  I thought that was the end of it so I went to the bathroom to ask her if she was OK she said when he was kissing her neck she got scared so she got up and used the bathroom for the reason so I told her I would tell him that we were done with the back rub and that's it for the night and you are not comfortable, she grabbed my arm and said no I liked it  and I want more if it's OK with you I told her that as long as she was OK lets go for it.

So she stayed in the bathroom /bedroom while I went down to get things set up with my friend I could hear the water running and knew she was getting all cleaned up ,  after awhile she came back down to the living room she had changed to a nice top and bottom outfit, she told him that she liked his back rub and would like him to keep going so I turned on an adult movie and turned off the lights he worked on her back for awhile then kissed her neck a few more times then her ear he worked his hands up and down her thigh and *** but not in a bad way after a bit he rolled her over onto her back  and went right to kissing her neck then lips I just sat back and let them go at it she wrapped her arms around his neck by now  the two of them were doing some very deep kissing and his hands worked there way to her breasts I seen her jerk her arm down but  then she moved her arm back around his neck so he had full access to play, he pulled her top up and started to kiss his way down her neck and onto her nipples as he was sucking her nipples he started to move his hand down her belly once he got to her bottoms he slid his hand under the waist band and to her *****.

By now she was going crazy so I sat down next to her as he now started kissing down her belly she looked over at me and asked if I was OK I said yes and I love you very much I think that must have been when his kissing and licking found her spot because she just let out a hell of a oooohhhhhI so I started to play with her nipples and he kept licking her, after she came she said it was his turn so she got up and rolled him on his back and did everything he did to her from nipples to his **** after she sucked him for awhile and almost made him *** he had her get on her hand and knees and took her from behind so while he was doing that she was sucking me then we traded places. She sucked him hard and fast then he told her he was going to *** she just kept on sucking I started to *** the same time he did she swallowed every drop and I filled her *****.

That night was the start to a 4 month almost every night  ********* between the 3 of us. When it was that time on the month she had no problem sucking us both off.  Since then she has been seduced by 9 very close friends each one knowing she has done this before but they know not to tell her ,  and each one was a story in itself some the same as the first.

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Thank you for all the nice comments

Very hot story!

I love it when your story always involves you with her.

I agree is worked out great.<br />

What a really nice way to start sharing a wife --thanks for telling it.

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Nice story, we did something a little similar to you.