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I love the way my wife looks when she is all tied up

 I can't help it! It drives me crazy but I think about her tied up all the time! All I want to do is tie her up and gag her! I hate to say it but I want to tie her up everytime we have sex! Everytime we start to have sex, all I want to do is pull out the rope and tie her up! When she is watching TV and I'm behind her I'll look at her and think about her all tied up and gagged. I don't mind if she watches TV but I want her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied and a tight gag in her mouth! I know it's not realistic but I want to come home from work and tie her up and keep her like that until I leave for work the next day. I have tied her up for sex many many times but not nearly as much as I'd like. I love it!! She is so cute! She is still pretty hot for her age. She is blond and has a great petit body that was made to be tied up in rope! LOTS and LOTS of rope!!! She has a mouth with full moist lips that were made to have a very tight silencing cleave gag between them at all times! I have hogtied her, tied her to the bed, gagged her, blindfolded her, simply tied her hands behind her back, tied her ankles, used rope, scarves, naked, with lingerie. A few times I've tied her up with ALOT of rope. I am obsessed with it. If I could I would keep her tied up all the time! When we have sex and she is not tied up, I'm thinking about the last time I tied her up. I think about her struggling in a hogtie. I have video taped her bound and gagged and get so aroused when I watch it. She looks so good all tied up in yards and yards of white rope! There is nothing that compares to ******* her when she is tightly tied up and gagged! I would love to let other men see her all tied up. I would love to watch other men that have a major fetish for bondage like myself have fun tying her up any way they want. I would love to hear her tell me that she was tied up before by former boyfreinds during sex. I really think she likes being tied up alot. I think she may have a secret kidnap fantasy and I think she enjoys being submissive because she has told me she enjoys it but never asks to be tied up. She wouldn't admit it but I think she actually has a secret bondage fetish because when I tie her up and start to tease her she goes crazy and begs me to **** her and when we both reach ****** hers is definately more intense when she tied up than when she's not. When I've had her all bound up on the bed and she's laying there naked looking great (sometimes I'll brush her hair after I tie her up) I'll tell her how great she looks and how she is every man's dream right now. She says, "what do you mean?" and I say "because any red blooded man would LOVE to have you tied up just like this on his bed just the way you are for him to do what ever he wants to!!! At that point I always wish she would say, "well, honey, we should find out if that's true!" I would love to find out that the horny young 20 year old stud next door has a secret fantasy of tying up my wife and every day I come home from work I find her bound and gagged in different positions and different outfits with him sitting there thanking me for letting him tie her up and when I take her gag off she kisses me and thanks me for letting him tie her up, but that's for another experience group!
pmikey pmikey 46-50, M 5 Responses Nov 4, 2010

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Nothing better than a tied up and gagged woman. I have the same fetish ... For me my wife could be restricted all the time ...

I would keep my wife bound and gagged all the time if I could. I don't know why but I would let other men enjoy tying her up too... and do what ever they wanted to her while she is tied up just so long as I can watch!

Quick, go out and buy a rubber ball gag. Maybe like she will want too that every time she wants sex like my wife does.

Would love to help you out with your about we se that video you talked about

I just wish she would show me that she wants to be tied up. I think she does but it would be so much more erotic for me to have a woman come up to me and maybe lie down on the bed and put her wrists behind her back and say something like, "Come on honey, tie me up, I love it when you tie me up!" It's so hot when a woman loves to be bound and gagged.

I am so jealous. She is one lucky lady!