I Want My Wife To Be A Slave For Others.

It all started when she got my name tattooed on her hand. Than 3 vagina piercings which she said no to but ended up with 3 when I asked for 1. Than got a tattoo down and across her vagina. I was (and she) so turned on with the guy spreader her and touching her vagina I want to see her being controlled by another man or women. She always says no but I can usually get her to do most anything in bed. I've been talking to her about 3 some and it's up in the air but I'm just using that to get someone in the bed with her and I will watch. I get her to wear leash on neck Or piercings. All I think about is who I can get to have sex with her. I want to hand them her on leash and watch her become a sex toy. She even just got a slave tattoo but don't think she thinks anything of it. It all sounds like its there but I have to plan it secretly with someone and if she knew she would do it. How do I approach someone?
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Can u add me plz, or email jnc390@gmail.com I live in ny

<p>What state are you in? I'm Ready, Willing, and Able!! I'll slave your babe 4 U!!<br />
<br />
I'd like for you to friend me and let's discuss some possibilities...</p>